Firefox 42 Adds Tracking Protection, Tab Audio Indicators, More

Posted on November 3, 2015 by Paul Thurrott in Android, Cloud, Windows with 1 Comment

Firefox 42 Adds Tracking Protection, Tab Audio Indicators, More

The latest version of Mozilla’s flagship web browser is now available, adding tracking protection and tab audio indicators on the desktop. And if you use Firefox on Android, you can take advantage of other new features too.

Here’s what’s new in Firefox 42 for Windows.

Tracking protection. This feature, which is implemented as part of Firefox’s Private Browsing functionality, gives you “control over the data that third parties receive from you online,” Mozilla explains. “No other browser’s Private Browsing mode protects you the way Firefox does—not Chrome, not Safari, not Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer.” It actively blocks content like ads, analytics trackers and social share buttons that may record your behavior without your knowledge across sites.

Tab audio indicators. Now, when another tab in the browser is annoying you with audio, you can find it and mute the audio right on the tab.

Control Center. This new feature provides site security and privacy controls right in the address bar.

Firefox Developer Edition improvements. The developer-focused Firefox version picks up new visual editing tools, including Animation Tools that will be familiar to animators.

Other improvements. Mozilla also improved Firefox’s handling of WebRTC and updated the Login Manager with password importing from Chrome and IE.

You can download Firefox for Windows from the Firefox web site.

And if you’re using Android, the latest update to Firefox on the mobile platform adds tracking protection, background external URL opening, restricted profile for tablets, scrollable tabs, voice search from the URL bar, and an improved mobile login manager. You can download Firefox for Android from the Google Play Store.


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One response to “Firefox 42 Adds Tracking Protection, Tab Audio Indicators, More”

  1. gnnpatil

    Firefox should focus on mobile as mobile browser segment is growing at much higher speed than ever before. Browser apps focusing on speed and user interface are doing good.