Yes, Microsoft Just Quietly Renamed Windows Holographic

Posted on March 1, 2017 by Paul Thurrott in Windows 10 with 11 Comments

We just discovered this while recording Windows Weekly today, but Microsoft has renamed Windows Holographic to Windows Mixed Reality.

In retrospect, this should have been obvious: About a month ago, Microsoft renamed Holographic settings in the Windows 10 Insider Preview. And more recently, and more obviously, today’s announcement about mixed reality never once used the term “Windows Holographic.” But the graphic I used in my own article literally says “Welcome to Windows Mixed Reality!”


Anyway. Here’s the quote from Microsoft, which appeared first in MSPowerUser.

“Microsoft renamed ‘Windows Holographic’ to ‘Windows Mixed Reality’ to be more encompassing of the company’s broader vision for the platform. We’re unifying the mixed reality ecosystem around a platform that enables shared experiences and interoperability between headsets. By opening up the Windows Mixed Reality platform to the industry at large, we anticipate the growth of holographic apps will make for stronger experiences and better devices for everyone.”

With this in mind, I reread today’s announcement to see how obvious this should have been. And while I feel like Microsoft should have just come out and said it, the post does reference such things as a Windows Mixed Reality session at GDC, Windows Mixed Reality experiences that will light up on other devices over time, Windows Mixed Reality-ready PCs, and the Acer Windows Mixed Reality Development Edition headset.

So it was actually fairly obvious. Anyway, there you go.


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