Latest Windows 10 Insider Preview Build Arrives with My People

Posted on April 28, 2017 by Paul Thurrott in Windows 10 with 9 Comments

Latest Windows 10 Insider Preview Build Arrives with My People

The long-awaited My People feature that Microsoft exorcised from the Creators Update has finally arrived in the latest Windows 10 Insider Preview build, 16184, along with a few other additions.

As you may recall, Microsoft revealed My People at its October 2016 Creators Update event. At the time, I called it a welcome return to the people-centric focus of Windows phone, and I was looking forward to using it. But in January, Microsoft delayed My People to Redstone 3, meaning that it would not appear in the Creators Update (or in any pre-release Creators Update builds).

When Redstone 3 builds started appearing, Rafael did a bit of spelunking and found that My People was in fact hidden inside. He then enabled the feature and started testing it.

Well, now anyone can use. Well. Anyone on the Windows 10 Insider Preview Fast ring, that is.

“Whether you want to share a photo, make plans for dinner, or get an answer from a friend or coworker – My People is here to take it to the next level and bring the people you care about most to the center of your experience,” Microsoft’s Dona Sarkar explains.

My People lets you pin your favorite people as icons to the taskbar, view multiple communications apps together, and choose the app you prefer to use for chat. Make sure you download the latest Skype, Mail, and People apps after upgrading to the new build, of course.

Some Insiders will also begin to get invites to test the new Gmail/Google Calendar functionality that Microsoft announced last week as well. “You’ll know the new experience is available for your account when you are prompted to update your Gmail account settings,” Ms. Sarkar writes.

Microsoft has made various other improvements in this build—nothing major—and of course there are some known issues. Check out the original Microsoft post for the details.


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Comments (9)

9 responses to “Latest Windows 10 Insider Preview Build Arrives with My People”

  1. mdb17

    I just wish I would get the new email features for my outlook account.

  2. willson-me-uk

    Looks interesting I wonder whether My people will be aligned with the new Office 365 profile experience recently introduced?

  3. Bart

    My People is a very welcome addition. Shame there is no My People bar in tablet mode (I know, still available on task bar. Too small!). Hopefully My People in tablet mode will get some love later

  4. Rob_Wade

    Yeah, I turned that feature off as soon as the build finished rebooting. I don't use the task bar, and I certainly don't want yet another thing sitting on it. If I can't do it with a live tile, I don't want it.

  5. rameshthanikodi

    This will be a major, MAJOR hit with the enterprise. I hope they allow for Win32 apps to be able to tap into this feature as well. Most importantly, I hope Outlook 2016 (2018?) eventually integrates with this. It will be killer.

  6. Durishin

    Meh. I tried to set it up by logging into my Live account. Doesn't work. Sees calendar event just fine, but not the contacts...

  7. SvenJ

    "The long-awaited My People feature..." Who was waiting for this?

  8. Waethorn

    So I see we have some Seinfeld haters here.

  9. kalin27

    Thanks for sharing the useful and informative posts with us.

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