Microsoft Delays Windows 10’s My People Feature

Posted on January 19, 2017 by Paul Thurrott in Windows 10 with 24 Comments

Microsoft Delays Windows 10's My People Feature

As part of its announcement about a new Windows 10 Insider Preview build today, Microsoft revealed that the My People feature will be delayed. It is now expected to debut in the release of Windows 10 that will ship in late 2017.

“We’re excited to bring your people to the front and center of your computing experience in Windows with the My People experience,” Dona Sarkar notes in the announcement for build 15014. “Our goal with Windows is to deliver experiences you’ll love and we’ve made the decision to hold this feature for the next major update to Windows.”

That update is currently codenamed Redstone 3. My People was originally expected in Redstone 2, which is branded as the Creators Update.

Back in November, I wrote about My People, describing this feature as a nice return to the people-centric user experience from Windows phone.

“Our goal with Windows is to make sure that people who are important to you are easily accessible,” Microsoft’s Kevin Gallo said at the time. “You can have quick interactions, you can share things with them, you can communicate with them. So we [are] putting them … in the taskbar. Now you can pin people who are important to you to the taskbar, and you just drag things down there to make [sharing and communication] happen.”

I was really looking forward to this feature, but a 6-month wait won’t hurt.

What does hurt is that someone just asked me about this feature on Twitter, fretting that it was being canceled or delayed. I told him he had nothing to fear.


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Comments (24)

24 responses to “Microsoft Delays Windows 10’s My People Feature”

  1. 334

    But this was the standout feature of Redstone 2! Been hanging out for it! (sadpanda)


    ...and yes, for the record, I'm one of those dufuses still relying on Windows 10 Mobile.

    • 6956

      In reply to unfalln:

      No, in reality, the standout feature was actually 3D paint. They are so enthusiastic about THAT feature that they basically finished it in October.


      I'm also on Mobile. Hoping they keep the continuum improvements they promised.

      • 334

        In reply to AlexKven:

        Oh yeah, I can't wait for 3D paint. Woohoo party time. I wish I could accurately transcribe the scream of glee that I'm currently vocalising while typing this. It really is a sound to behold.

  2. 5134

    the message is loud and clear:

    RS2 release date is important on many levels, and therefore: "delivering is cutting", the feature is not yet stable

  3. 5530

    better delayed than coming out half-baked and unnecessarily damaging the reputation of this feature.

  4. 442

    Maybe they'll replace it with a "My Peeps" feature?

  5. 7046

    And there goes the only interesting thing about the Creators Update. 

  6. 1321

    Totally called it :)

  7. 5184

    I was looking forward to this and getting back to the glory of WP7/8 people hub.  I realize this wasn't quite the same, but it seemed like a step in the direction of something that might be truly useful and different.  Hope they're not bowing to pressure from outside to water it down.

  8. 4964

     Oh well, damned if they do (why did they release this, it's half baked, unreliable or whatever), damned (by some) if they don't. 

    I'd rather they are open about what they are developing, and hold it back until ready, than going early or just saying nothing. Look forward to it when it is ready!

  9. 6956

    Why on earth would they prioritize 3D paint (that doesn't even support transparent PNGs) over this?? And why is every single Windows 10 release always over-promise, under-deliver? Do they really want to run entirely on the hype of dishonest product announcements in the long term, or is the 40-year-old maker of software really just that incompetent at figuring out the timing of their own products?

    • 2

      In reply to AlexKven:

      They're not "prioritizing" 3D paint over My People. They're different teams, different people, etc. One is ready. One is not. That's all.

      • 214

        In reply to Paul Thurrott:


        The hardware/ship dates are locked in concrete by now. Glad MS has the guts to pull a feature for whatever reason rather than include it while half-baked.

      • 442

        In reply to Paul Thurrott:  Not sure why people think "priorities" are wrong when it's not their own.. *shrug*  This feature would probably be a pain anyway.  The state of on-line social connectivity is always in a flux, and very hard to keep track of.  Microsoft has lost connectivity, as has other developers, to services many times.  Though, I think it would be nice to see a "pre-release" version hit Windows sooner than later.


  10. 2175

    lol, but of course this happens all the time.

  11. 5215

    Damn.  Now I'll have to wait 6 months to see no 3rd party developers embrace another great feature of Windows.  Shame.  We really haven't seen much of that in the Windows 10 era yet.

  12. 5799

    It figures. MS removed the best feature of Redstone 1 (Messaging) so why not do the same for Redstone 2?  Ugh.

    Unfortunately, the best feature of Redstone 2 now is the address bar in RegEdit.

  13. 8578

    What is it about MS carrying-over features that failed to excite consumers. Live Tiles failed to motivate people to buy Zune, so let's bring it to Windows 8. People Hub failed to motivate people to  Windows Phone, so let's bring something similar to Windows 10. Those features made a lot more sense on their original homes than on the desktop IMO. 

  14. 5767

    MS has become the cancellation-company. Cancelled Zune, Windows Phone, Cache, Scalebound and now My People. That's what they're famous for now. Cancelsoft.

    • 313

      In reply to MutualCore:

      First, the product hasn't been cancelled, the ship date has slipped.  Second, I guess you think Microsoft is the only big company that cancels/kills products on a regular basis?


      Come on.