WSJ Pulls Its Windows Store App

Posted on June 22, 2017 by Paul Thurrott in Windows 10 with 55 Comments

WSJ Pulls Its Windows Store App

The Wall Street Journal revealed this week that it is discontinuing its Windows Store app. Is this the start of a new app exodus?

“The Windows 10 app will be discontinued on June 30th,” the Windows Store listing for The Wall Street Journal app reads. “You can access the same content and more on and our iOS and Android mobile apps.”

Whether you use or care about The Wall Street Journal app, this is obviously troubling news: This is a high-profile publisher leaving the Windows Store. And it’s understandable that anyone who suffered through the past few years of Windows phone apps disappearing from the Store would view this departure in a similar light.

But let me offer a different perspective.

I’ve long argued the “right tool for the job” philosophy, and that one of the nice things about Windows 10 is that it marks the return to traditional, productivity-based workflows to Microsoft’s desktop OS. Put another way, the rise of mobile devices means that we tend to perform consumption activities—reading, light gaming, video viewing and so on—on those devices, leaving the PC for the work-related tasks for which it is ideally suited.

In other words: People read The Wall Street Journal on devices for the most part, and for those who prefer to do so on a PC, the website works. There’s no reason for this company to put any effort into a mobile app that runs on a desktop platform that very few people would ever use anyway.

Put simply, I don’t see this as a big deal.


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