LinkedIn for Windows 10 Triggers Its Own Controversy

Posted on July 17, 2017 by Paul Thurrott in Social, Windows 10 with 47 Comments

LinkedIn for Windows 10 Triggers Its Own Controversy

Microsoft today announced the availability of the LinkedIn mobile app for Windows 10. But PC users are complaining that it’s just a wrapper of the website. And Windows phone users are complaining that it doesn’t run on Mobile.

Yep. Another little controversy here in Redmond-land.

“Starting today, LinkedIn for Windows 10 PCs will begin to roll out in the Windows Store,” a Microsoft representative told. “The app includes features like the Action Center and Live Tiles, giving consumers real-time notifications including new messages, trending news and timely updates from their network. Additionally, the LinkedIn app will be available internationally in 22 languages.”

I recently mentioned that Microsoft was retiring LinkedIn for Windows Phone in Thurrott Now (a Premium site feature). There’s no real surprise there, given the death of that platform. But it is just a bit odd that Microsoft would make a UWP version of the LinkedIn app that doesn’t work on Windows 10 Mobile.

But then the LinkedIn app isn’t a “real” UWP app. It’s a bridge app that appears to use Microsoft’s Hosted Web Apps (Project Westminster) technologies. I assume the LinkedIn website works fine on Windows 10 Mobile. But that won’t have the native platform features Microsoft notes above, like real-time notifications.

Maybe in the future, as a Progressive Web App, it will.


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