Microsoft Clarifies Fall Creators Update Naming

Posted on July 19, 2017 by Paul Thurrott in Windows 10 with 30 Comments

Microsoft Clarifies Fall Creators Update Naming

“So this is the part of the world where it will be fall, er, autumn.”

Microsoft reached out to me today to clarify a recent story about Windows 10 Fall Creators Update naming.

As you may recall, an enthusiast blog reported that the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update would be called the Autumn Creators Update in the UK. But as it turns out, this is not correct.

“Just wanted to let you know that this was just a mistranslation on the website and has been fixed,” a Microsoft representative told me. “The next update will be called the Windows Fall Creators Update everywhere.”

So not the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update then? Curious. 🙂

Update: Yes, it is the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. –Paul



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Comments (30)

30 responses to “Microsoft Clarifies Fall Creators Update Naming”

  1. Oasis

    Because regardless, they are still clueless....

  2. hrlngrv

    Outside the US just drop Creators' and use the acronym: FU.

  3. Langra

    The Windows 10 Fall update that arrives in the Spring for the half the of the world below the equator. A global company?

  4. Andrey Medvedev

    Right. If we're going to make the name godawful, then by God, we're going to make it awful for everybody.

    Downfall Creators Update it is.

  5. Narg


  6. JerryH

    So, as we know, Fall Creators Update only makes sense in the US. Based on the numbers we saw on the site yesterday (where only 50% of machines running Windows 10 are on the first Creators Update), it sounds like most people even in the US won't get the Fall Creators Update in Fall. So the name makes no sense anywhere really then. It takes so long to roll out that maybe New Zealand users WILL get it in Fall - next Fall. Unless they ramp up deployment drastically, it seems most US folks will get the Fall update in Winter or Spring.

  7. rameshthanikodi

    This update is really underwhelming, even more so than the creators update. Hopefully the next update contains more features.

  8. robincapper

    What's wrong with October (or whatever month they plan to RTM it)? Maybe they don't have a firm release schedule?

  9. MikeD

    Spring in New Zealand.

  10. Darmok N Jalad

    It's Autumn Creatours Update, mate.

  11. Vuppe

    I wonder what content creation tools it comes with! /s

  12. IanYates82

    So does their translator turn fries into chips too? The other way around would take chips to crisps I guess... Probably best to leave English to English flavours alone when translating. ☺️

    We know to add the missing "u", read tomato sauce for ketchup, etc

    Was this whole debacle seriously the result of an auto translator??

  13. adamcorbally

    Enthusiast blog hahhahahahahahaha

  14. Waethorn

    No matter how you phrase it, it still contains "Windows 10 Fall".

  15. Win74ever

    Windows 10 is a joke. There's nothing useful in this update other than GPU % utilization in Task Manager. They have to make up this naming controversy so people will forget the Timeline and other major features aren't coming.

    • irfaanwahid

      In reply to warren:

      My problem is, I don't know anyone in my workflow or friends, who would use MyPeople. I believe it's Skype only for now, which neither at my office or outside nobody uses. So personally for me this feature maybe DOA.

      • warren

        In reply to irfaanwahid:

        Skype? Dude it supports email and SMS. A little notification number is overlaid on the person's icon when they've sent you an email or text!

        How is this not useful to, like, literally everybody with a spouse?

        • irfaanwahid

          In reply to warren:

          Email support is great then! My assumption was it was only Skype. Thanks for that. However, since I don't have an Android and left Windows Phone for a quite a while, in Kenya with iPhone I don't have this feature working, unfortunately. A lot of Microsoft services take really long to get to this side of the world, including Groove Music while I have been using Apple Music since day 1.

        • SvenJ

          In reply to warren: Hmm, that's the only one I have pinned. I don't see SMS (messaging) in the options though. Would really be nice if the messaging app worked the way you'd let me message from it, or consistently showed texts.

      • rameshthanikodi

        In reply to irfaanwahid:

        yeah, same, i'm not sure how much use the average user will get out of MyPeople. I don't think i'll ever use it. But i'm looking forward to the visual updates and onedrive on-demand.

        • irfaanwahid

          In reply to FalseAgent:

          OneDrive is totally worth it and since I am a visual person, I appreciate the new fluent design. The cut down feature TimeLine I am not sure how exactly it would work. Because what if I have Office installed on once machine and not on the other, how will TimeLine react to that.

          Otherwise, apart from OneDrive and Fluent which will also not be fully realized, if there is anything else I can get excited for in this Fall CU.

  16. david.thunderbird

    There is no other Windows you will be assimilated, NOW!

  17. adamcorbally

    Is everywhere part of the name then?

  18. xapache

    You realize that the regular folks of the world could care less what it is called. One day their computer will magically update and they will never realize the name was such a controversy. Go ahead, ask one of your friends who isn't like us (tech geeks) what the next update is called. The blank look will amaze you.

    Eesh - I get it. Dumb name but man move on from this topic already.

  19. peterh_oz

    What a stupid name. Fall is something you do when drunk. It is a description of something negative, either as a verb (they fall) or a noun (I had a fall). There is no positive in the name. And it is only 3 drops of liquid paper away from fall becoming fail!

    #sad #dumb #whatidiotapprovedthis?