Microsoft Previews a Few Redstone 4 Improvements

Posted on September 28, 2017 by Paul Thurrott in Windows 10 with 11 Comments

Microsoft Previews a Few Redstone 4 Improvements

It’s been a busy week for Windows Insiders. And in addition to new builds for Fast and Slow ring testers, Microsoft has issued a new Windows 10 Insider Preview build to those who had opted into Skip Ahead as well.

“Today we are releasing Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 17004 for PC to Windows Insiders in the Fast ring who have opted in to Skip Ahead only,” Microsoft’s Dona Sarkar writes. “Because we are just beginning development for RS4, Insiders shouldn’t expect to see a lot of big changes or new features just yet. Our focus remains getting the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update ready for release.”

That said, there are some new features in this build.

More Fluent Design elements in Start. Microsoft has added the Reveal Highlight effect from its evolving Fluent Design System to the All Apps list in Start in this build. As with all such effects, it’s a bit subtle.

Microsoft Edge improvements. Microsoft’s web browser has a number of fixes, none of which are particularly notable. Oddly, Microsoft has chosen to add an Edge icon to the desktop, too, but you can at least remove it.

Input improvements. Ditto for Input, which picks up a small number of bug fixes.

Other changes, improvements, and fixes. Color & high contrast settings gets a new color wheel, and then there are a lot of fixes, including those that were recently introduced in Fast ring builds.


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Comments (11)

11 responses to “Microsoft Previews a Few Redstone 4 Improvements”

  1. slerched

    Need to test the build on my home machine. Installed it last night before bed.

    The one that aggravates me is not being able to HOLD ctrl-w to close a ton of tabs in Edge - now I have to hit cltr-w over and over to close what would have been just holding the keys.

    They had this problem in the Fall CU builds a few months back and fixed it. Hoping they put that back in this build.

  2. Winner

    In other words, minor polishing items. Nothing much to see there.

    • MikeGalos

      In reply to Winner:

      Exactly what you'd expect early in a new version.

      The early builds have almost no feature changes and focus on internal tweaks that were too risky to put out near ship time in the previous version.

      The next builds are where the teams try out their changes.

      After that the marketing beta (oops, meant Insider) feedback is used to tweak the new features.

      Finally things are marked "feature complete" and no new features are accepted and all the builds focus on fixing bugs.

      In the first and last phases those not understanding the process complain about there being nothing new coming out.

  3. ecumenical

    This update to Edge actually appears to fix two of the most common annoyances with the browser in day to day use, if I'm reading it right:

    "We fixed an issue where typing a web address into the address bar from the New Tab and Start Page and would sometimes clear the text and not result in any page navigation

    We fixed an issue where the first time you pressed Ctrl + F to open Search, the search box doesn’t get focus. We also fixed an issue where you might be unable to type in the address bar after clicking on CTRL+F text field."

    In other words, two of the "you have to click twice for it to do what you want" bugs. Too bad most users won't get this for another 6 months.

  4. Win74ever

    Minor changes and improvements. Oh wow, cannot wait for the 1803 version. Let's hope they will implement the Timeline feature they're promising for the last 2 years.

  5. Spineless

    Think we'll finally get some Tablet Mode improvements in RS4? Probably not, but can still hope.

  6. ChristopherCollins

    I still do not get Microsofts browser logic.... At the very least, make Edge an app.

    They have no browser play because they have no mobile browsers. I need my passwords and history to be cross device. Who has time to maintain multiple browsers? Every Win 10 PC I push out at the office has Chrome on it and Edge hidden. Makes things easier for everyone.

    Edge was a mistake. They should have made a fast webkit browser and called it a day.

  7. dontbe evil

    "Microsoft’s web browser has a number of fixes, none of which are particularly notable. Oddly, Microsoft has chosen to add an Edge icon to the desktop, too, but you can at least remove it."

    like any other icon other than recycle bin