iTunes for Microsoft Store Delayed to 2018

Posted on December 15, 2017 by Mehedi Hassan in Windows, Windows 10 with 55 Comments

At Build earlier this year, Microsoft announced that the software giant is working with Apple to bring iTunes to the Microsoft Store. The app was supposed to launch on the Microsoft Store later this year, but there hasn’t been any word regarding the launch ever since the initial announcement. In fact, both the companies–especially Apple–have been quite tight-lipped about this thing.

Today, Apple is finally clearing things up. The company has confirmed that it won’t be releasing iTunes on the Microsoft Store later this year and that it still needs a “little more time” to get things ready. “We have been working with Microsoft to deliver the full iTunes experience to our customers and we need a little more time to get it right,” an Apple spokesperson told Mary Jo Foley. Cupertino declined to disclose the exact reason behind the delay.

Apple Music is a core part of the iTunes app for Windows, and with Groove Music Pass set to completely shutdown later this year, launching the app before Christmas would possibly work out well for both the companies. Microsoft did, however, partner with Spotify to transfer Groove Music Pass subscribers, which means it’s possible Apple isn’t too happy with Microsoft’s move. Or maybe it’s just a hard computer science problem.

Plus, Apple is only bringing the existing iTunes app for Windows to the Microsoft Store using Microsoft’s Desktop App Bridge, so it’s not too clear as to why the company is taking outrageously long to release the app.

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Comments (57)

57 responses to “iTunes for Microsoft Store Delayed to 2018”

  1. Demileto

    "Apple is only bringing the existing iTunes app for Windows to the Microsoft Store using Microsoft’s Desktop App Bridge"

    Have they clearly stated that somewhere? Don't get me wrong, it most likely is the case, but to my knowledge we didn't get an official stance on this.

  2. Roger Ramjet

    certainly newsworthy, but not sure why people get worked up and need to cast about to find blame or some big takeaway. It's a delay in a tech product. Happens every minute. Homepod is also delayed, maybe they want to launch them together, or maybe not. It's a delay.

    • PeteB

      In reply to Roger Ramjet:

      Its a big deal because the ms fanboys were insisting it was one when "iTunes coming to windows 10 app store! Finally a big name app!" was first announced - actually believing it was some great legitimization of that awful mess of a store, and of UWP fake apps - perfectly good Win32 programs stuck in a UWP wrapper/jail.

      Guaranteed this will never come out. There is no "delay", Apple or MS will just never mention it again in "2018" - the cowardly way both companies deal with cancellations and changes of plans - silence and stonewall

  3. bcpj

    Possibly the biggest piece of malware ever. No need to have that in the windows eco-system. It’s astonishing that people actually use that piece of...

  4. Darekmeridian

    Apple may have it's hands a little full with iOS right now. They are doing near bi-weekly beta's on the beta track which is up from previous releases. They seems to be swatting a lot of little bugs here and there. I don't think iTunes is a priority.

    Unless you have an older device do you even need iTunes? Does it make any sense at all for Apple to invest time and resources on a UWP version of an application they are trying to make obsolete?

  5. Gavin Groom

    ITT: 'OMG why do people use iTunes it's a piece of sh*t OMG I can't believe people need this OMG!!!1!!one!!1!'

    Some people use iTunes. Get over it.

  6. Marius Muntean

    Sorry Paul, but Apple does not need Microsoon to succeed in their Music business. They do not need MS's pathetic app store to succeed. Users use Apple Music on mobile, that thing MS totally failed at. They could delay the launch of itunes in that store for another year and it wound not even make a dent because it can be installed as classic app win32. Who on earth is using that crippled junk windows 10S?? Why would Apple care about a FAILED JUNK OS like windows 10S?? let's be serious...

  7. Patrick3D

    If they are trying to get it to run on Windows 10 S then no doubt delays are due to all of the services and drivers that Apple loads with the app. Bonjour, iTunes Home Sharing, iPod Service, iTunes Update service and so on. So much bloat.

  8. RM

    Microsoft should not be in a rush, historically iTunes has been a major source of vulnerabilities on Windows (just like ActiveX and Office macros). This was back in the days of the I'm a Mac, I'm a PC commercials. I still think iTunes stats on vulnerabilities were used to help justify those attack ads.

  9. Waethorn

    Why does this have to be an app still? Google Play Music works just fine as a web store, as do many others.

    • PeteB

      In reply to Waethorn:

      1. It wasn't going to be a real WinRT10/XAML (UWP) app, just a sloppily desktop-bridged fake app - those don't fool anyone.

      2. It's never coming out anyway. Read between the lines

      • Waethorn

        In reply to PeteB:

        No, I'm criticising Apple - not Microsoft. There is no valid reason why Apple can't just make iTunes a full website instead of needing native apps for it all. For all the stupid crap like syncing obsolete hardware, they could easily make that a browser extension for Chrome and integrate it into Safari. Casting functionality is already available in Safari AFAIK (ok, I'm expecting that they do, but that's just a guess on my part), so adapting that to Bonjour-powered speakers should be a cakewalk.

    • Stooks

      In reply to Waethorn:

      Google Play Music Web does work well. That said Google digital content is a complete and utter mess. You have...

      Google Play Music - Web/App

      Google Play Video - Web/App

      Google Play Books - Web/App

      YouTube Music - App only?

      YouTube Red - Web/App

      YouTube TV - Web/App?

      Just a tad confusing and lots of rumors of combining some/all. I would not touch any of it until they work it all out....and I will not hold my breath for that to occur anytime soon.

      • Waethorn

        In reply to Stooks:

        YouTube Music and Red are US only anyway. All the rest have web interfaces for "desktop" and apps for "mobile" devices, i.e. tablets and phones. Not too hard to understand. Microsoft has how many versions of Office now?

        Oh, and YouTube TV is US only, and only in certain cities, and the content is different for every city....

  10. MikeGalos

    Gee, it couldn't possibly be Apple delaying doing something that would benefit a competitor while making a meaningless announcement that makes them look good. Either that or the few days work of repackaging an existing application and updating an installer is beyond the programmers they have left.

  11. lvthunder

    Remember iTunes installs device drivers for all the old iPods (like I still use) and all the iOS devices. I'm guessing the hangup is there.

  12. Aaron44126

    iTunes *is* a bit more complicated than just an app... It includes system drivers (for connectivity to the iPhone and iPad, for syncing and backup). I wonder how that works with the desktop app bridge, are those easy to package in?

  13. NT6.1

    Why Microsoft is insisting in this failed UWP platform?

  14. michaelpatricehuber

    This does not help the narrative that using the Desktop App Bridge is super easy....

  15. Stooks

    They are waiting for Microsoft to rename the store again. Say Microsoft 365 Store?

    Anyhow why even bother. Current iTunes Win32 works just fine for 99.999% of Windows users. Windows 10 S and the store are a failure at this point.

    Also I do think that Apple within the next 1-2 two years will end of life iTunes. It will be replaced by a new Apple Music app that will allow you to buy Music and any other content will be moved into their host of other apps, none of which are on Windows today or ever will be. (iBooks, TV app, App Store for iOS, TV, Mac etc). If I were Apple I might not even make it for Windows, maybe have a web front end for Windows users at most.

  16. NoFlames

    My guess is that Apple wants to do more than just do a simple conversion using the bridge. Remember they can use the bridge to convert the bulk, then pick and choose features to integrate even better by using the UWP features. They probably want to do some custom integration to at least be on par with Spotify. Spotify has added just enough UWP features to make it work decent. I don't think iTunes was very touch friendly, so they may need to do rework the UI a bit as well.

  17. Waethorn

    I tried using Microsoft's own tools (Project Centennial) to try and get iTunes working as a "universal" (depending on who you ask) app and couldn't get anything to work properly. Centennial just crashes during the conversion.

  18. robincapper

    They've never got iTunes on Windows right before, main reason I gave up with iPhone back in the day when it needed iTunes to sync

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