Microsoft Tests New Windows Camera Update to Enable Future Innovation

Posted on January 30, 2018 by Mehedi Hassan in Windows 10 with 17 Comments

Redmond today started testing a new update for the Windows Camera update in Windows 10. The company is making some important changes to the core of the app to enable future innovation, and introduce some UX changes. The update is quite major, which is why it’s being tested with Windows Insiders fast, but it’ll be pushed out to everyone later on.

In a blog post, Microsoft said that the company made some core architecture changes to the app to remove some cluttered, complex parts of the app behind the scenes which made it difficult for the company to update the app and new features. The architectural changes will now allow the engineers to iterate faster, enabling them to introduce new features more quickly — at least according to the firm.

The architectural changes are already allowing Microsoft to introduce some neat changes to the app. First up, it can now work with multiple attached cameras simultaneously, letting you use multiple cameras at the same time. User experience wise, it can now remember the last camera and scene used when you start up the app, comes with a more reliable brightness slider, and features more photo resolution and aspect ratios for videos, reports Aggiornamenti Lumia. The architectural changes did require Microsoft to get rid of some features, including the swipe gesture on the capture button to show all sliders, and the ability to switch between scenes through the capture button. Not too much of a big deal if the changes do, indeed, make way for more features going forward.

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Comments (17)

17 responses to “Microsoft Tests New Windows Camera Update to Enable Future Innovation”

  1. ponsaelius

    Given Microsoft has no meaningful mobile platform, where you need a decent camera, I dont see it matters much.

    Of course a better camera is good so why not.

  2. allanwith

    How about this as being a tiny step in preparation for the rumored Andromeda device?

  3. Jules Wombat

    err umm without Windows Mobile/Phone what is the point here ? - I am confused what use is a "Camera App" in Windows 10?

  4. maxpayi

    what's the use of so many features of this app without a mobile presence?? none

  5. timwakeling

    What does Windows need a camera app for? Is holding your laptop above your head at concerts now a thing? :o

  6. Pargon

    Microsoft has hinted about a cellular or wifi service, I can't quite remember which. A new camera for a new mobile device is dead in the water, for my family at least, if they don't introduce their own version of Google Project Fi. Everyone I know who has it absolutely loves it, it's a total game changer!

    I really loved my 2 windows phones, great cameras at the time. But mobile has evolved from just needing a good camera, need the extremely cheap domestic data and international travel option as well.

    • chrisrut

      In reply to Pargon:

      Yes - it was quite some time ago - I often wondered if MS wasn't preparing to launch their own network - perhaps in concert with or as part of Skype - to provide a full-fledged communication system. For example, they might offer "always connected" services in concert with a VoIP and POTs portal. That would be very interesting.

      That camera thing is interesting too - I could speculate all day. Here's a pie in the sky idea: allow cameras to remote to each other as instances in one OS - multi-viewpoints as compared with multi-tasking. Then integrate these into a; multi-camera linear story-lines, or b; construct 3D scenes and objects. There: I said it was pie in the sky...

  7. glenn8878

    How about making it easier to download pictures from my iPhone. Something went wrong. Windows locks my iPhone out or shuts down the connection prematurely. Windows is horribly buggy.

  8. thea2_

    The ability to have more than one cam set up in the OS without a special app sounds interesting.

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