Windows Mixed Reality to Get a New Environment This Spring

Posted on March 7, 2018 by Mehedi Hassan in Windows 10 with 6 Comments

Microsoft’s Windows Mixed Reality platform is getting a new environment this Spring with the new Redstone 4 update. These environments are much like a home screen of an operating system, where you can open apps, access the start screen, etc.

So far, Windows Mixed Reality only had one environment: the Cliff House. But with the new Redstone 4 update coming this Spring, Microsoft is introducing a new Skyloft environment in a city. The Cliff House and Skyloft environments are completely different from each other, with the latter providing a modern city environment.

Along with the new Skyloft environment, Microsoft is bringing some other improvements to Windows Mixed Reality. The update will bring support for haptic feedback to the Windows Mixed Reality motion controllers for SteamVR games, and Microsoft is also packing improvements in performance. Microsoft also now lets users take mixed reality photos using these controllers in any app or game which is also going to be quite handy once Redstone 4 starts rolling out to the public. If you are a Windows Insider, however, you can get these updates today with build 17115.

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Comments (6)

6 responses to “Windows Mixed Reality to Get a New Environment This Spring”

  1. Waethorn

    Broke millennials will love this.

  2. CaedenV

    Both people who use this feature will greatly appreciate it lol

    Seriously though; I really like this idea! I use to use 3DNA to do something similar (well... similar in that it was a glorified 3D environment for launching programs on my desktop). I rather enjoyed it, even though it was a bit gimmicky.

    But I got my big fat GPU after Christmas... next big tech purchase will be a MR headset (probably the Samsung one as it seems to be the only good one of the bunch). Cant wait to attempt VR desktop and gaming... and my kids laughing at their dopey dad flailing his arms about in the basement lol.

    • jimchamplin

      In reply to CaedenV:

      It will be a ton of fun! :D

    • cr08

      In reply to CaedenV:

      Same. I've always really liked these types of applications. I guess it is kind of an extension of the whole Sci-Fi 'in a virtual world' type deal. It's been sad seeing everyone being so serious in desktop usage and has basically refused to pursue this space any further.

      Now that I know Microsoft is actually doing something like this, this is definitely going to push up my timetable of getting an MR headset. I was looking at the Samsung Odyssey as well based on recommendations. Definitely getting it sooner rather than later at this point.

  3. IanYates82

    It sounds like these should just be things you can add on, like themes used to be in Windows (Vista / 7? Never really used them after that).

    Making this a feature of an OS update is even crazier than what Brad thought about Cortana updates requiring an entirely new Windows release.

  4. Winner

    I think mixed reality is the environment Microsoft's naming department is working in.