Microsoft Starts Testing New Teams App for Windows 10

Posted on March 13, 2018 by Mehedi Hassan in Office 365, Windows 10 with 8 Comments

Microsoft has quietly started dogfooding a new Microsoft Teams app for Windows 10. The company is building a new Teams app for Windows 10 based on the Teams web app, reports Petri.

The new Teams app for Windows 10 is a Hosted Web App, which is kind of similar to a Progressive Web App. This isn’t an actual Progressive Web App, though — but it’s something that the app might turn into once Microsoft finalizes its work on PWA in Windows 10. 

Features wise, there isn’t really anything outstanding here. All the features that are available on the regular Electron-powered Teams Win32 app are available on the new Windows 10 app since both of them are based on the web app. Notably, Microsoft is internally advertising the new app for Windows 10 S only though, which is likely going to change prior to release as the company is going to be replacing Windows 10 S going forward.

Like Microsoft has done with Skype, the new Microsoft Teams app for Windows 10 could be the preferred and only way of getting Teams on Windows 10 PCs in the future if it does end up getting released to the public. We shall see.

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Comments (8)

8 responses to “Microsoft Starts Testing New Teams App for Windows 10”

  1. Bart

    Mehedi, as Skype is available on the Web, do you expect a PWA for Skype like Teams? Or will MS stick to its UWP app?

    • Usman

      In reply to Bart:

      It would make sense for it to be. The Web, new Desktop and Mobile apps are built on ReactXP, which the Skype team built specifically so that react native apps can also be web apps. So the web version is the same code base as the mobile apps, and already "appy" by design.

      I would hope it's a PWA, I've used the web version and it works flawlessly (minus the fact I can't screen share), the fate of the UWP app depends on how important fluent design is to microsoft.

  2. yangstax

    The Teams app has been adopted by more than 200,000 institutions, including GM, in just one year after its release. I would imagine that the Teams PWA should do well on the Andromeda over the 5G network. It would be like a pocket collaboration tool that you can use at anytime and anywhere.

  3. PeteB

    Not even Microsoft cares about UWP anymore. But then they never really did.

  4. Marius Muntean

    So, MS themselves are not even trying with a proper UWP and they expect others to. LOL I do use/try the current Teams app and it's slow, horrible...typical Microsoft.