Fall Creators Update Hits 90 Percent of Windows 10 PCs

Posted on March 28, 2018 by Paul Thurrott in Windows 10 with 9 Comments

Fall Creators Update Hits 90 Percent of Windows 10 PCs

Well, this is unprecedented: The Fall Creators Update is now installed on over 90 percent of all Windows 10 PCs, according to the latest data from AdDuplex.

As you may know, AdDuplex is the largest cross-promotion network for Windows apps, and the firm empowers developers and publishers to promote their apps for free by helping each other.

This month, the firm again looks at the Fall Creators Update deployment rate. Which is hitting historic rates.

“According to our numbers, the Fall Creators Update is on more than 90 percent of PCs now,” AdDuplex notes in its latest report. “The Fall Creators Update is undeniably the fastest spreading update in a long time.”

It is almost certainly the fastest-spreading Windows upgrade of all time, actually. But we don’t really have accurate data by which to compare. But whether you care about sheer numbers or just percentage of the installed base, this is impressive.

As I wrote previously, deployment of the Fall Creators Update has been very rapid when compared to previous feature updates. It hit 5 percent of all Windows 10 PCs within one week, was at 20 percent after just one month, and over 50 percent after two months. In January, it hit almost 75 percent usage, and then in Februaryit reached 85 percent.

Today? With Microsoft having just finalized its successor, the Spring Creators Update, the Fall Creators Update stands at an incredible 90.4 percent of all Windows 10 PCs used worldwide.

Here are some more interesting data points from this week’s AdDuplex report:

HP is still the number one PC maker by usage share. HP controls over 26 percent of all Windows 10 PCs in use. The remainder of the top 5 includes Dell (17.3 percent), Lenovo (12.6 percent), ASUS (8.7 percent), and Acer (8.6 percent). All other PC makers have less than 5 percent usage share. And Microsoft (Surface) sits at just 2.5 percent.

Fall Creators Update deployment by PC maker has evened out. In the past, PCs made by certain companies seemed to have higher success rates with the Fall Creators Update. But this seems to have evened out: Most PC makers are in the 90 percent range. And Microsoft (Surface) is no better or worse in this regard than the others.


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