Windows 10 April 2018 Update Features Showcased in New Videos

Posted on April 27, 2018 by Mehedi Hassan in Windows 10 with 41 Comments

With the Windows 10 April 2018 Update set to start rolling out this Monday, Microsoft has released a couple of new videos showcasing some of the biggest new features. The company has released 4 new videos showcasing some of the new Windows 10 features, which regular users will start receiving once the April 2018 Update starts rolling out.

The first video showcases Timeline, the new way of keeping track of your activities, documents, files, and more in Windows 10:

Microsoft Edge is also picking up some beautiful new features with the April 2018 Update — along with a refined design, the update brings the ability to instantly mute auto-playing media on websites, InPrivate support for extensions, and more:

Microsoft has also released a video showcasing Focus Assist, which was previously known as Quiet Hours. The basic idea of Quiet Hours stayed intact with the new branding, but Microsoft added some advanced rules for the feature with the April 2018 Update:

Accessibility improvements are a big part of the April 2018 Update, and Microsoft is showcasing the new and improved Dictation feature in the OS:

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Comments (41)

41 responses to “Windows 10 April 2018 Update Features Showcased in New Videos”

  1. Mike Cramer

    These videos are helpful. As an Insider, I've lived with many small but useful improvements for so long that I find it hard to explain what exactly is new to normals.

  2. IanYates82

    The speech recognition looks like a welcome improvement over the garbage version that has shipped in Windows, seemingly unchanged, since Vista.

    Paul / Brad / Mehedi - have any of you tried it yet? I'd be keen to see how much it has improved both at the "2 minutes of training" level (where Dragon is surprisingly good) and the "20 minutes of training level" (just about the max you expect anyone to do before completely giving up).

    Would also be good to know how well this ties in with text fields in web sites / apps. For example, would it work well in the comments field of this very site? Does it work in Chrome as well as Edge? (Dragon has a Chrome extension to help it hook into websites)

    I've got a couple of end users looking to try Dragon but this improved dictation could just be the thing if it's "good enough". What's shipped in Windows up until now has definitely never been that, especially when you compare it to Dragon. But if this shares a common engine with what Cortana's used then this could be one of the biggest improvement in the April '18 update.

  3. RamblingGeek

    The sppech recognition not working for me... is thst because I'm in the UK? The emojs are working now in the UK. ?

    Answered my own question, why do the do this. ?

  4. TFinch

    I knew Timelines was coming with the update, but I've never actually looked into how it works or what it looks like. I'm impressed! In medical school I'm constantly juggling lecture files, lab documents, textbooks, webpages, and PowerPoint files. This seems like a godsend (most especially that search feature -- *cannot* wait for that in particular).

    I can appreciate the argument against it being "spyware". I'll have to think about that one a bit as regards my home computer. But for all my devices aimed at work, this is a no-brainer and a great, added feature.

  5. Simard57

    i hope focused assist can be activated as part of a calendar event!

  6. JoePaulson

    Windows is fast becoming so mature that the UI improvements and feature improvements are going to slow down.

  7. jrswarr

    There really is no pleasing some people.

    Frankly, I look forward to my computer being a valuable assistant. The price of that assistance? It's going to have to know me.

    We bleed data about ourselves all over the place. It happens every time we fill out a form. I happens when we use our phones. Frankly the only way to avoid any entity collecting data on us is to stay off the grid. In this connected world today - that is becoming increasingly difficult.

    Windows 10 is implementing features that will be of use to me. Leveraging knowledge of me to my advantage. Timeline is certainly one of them. Microsoft is on the right track.

    To those who fear this nexus - please break out your tin foil hats and re-install Windows XP.

    • Nyghtfall

      In reply to jrswarr:

      I don't fear... anything. I'm simply not the type of customer these changes were made for. I don't work from home. I work at a call center for a bank who still uses Windows 7. I have no interest whatsoever in being able to talk to my home PC, never mind having it take dictation. I use Firefox, not Edge. I don't have a social media presence, at all. And I have no use for the Timeline. So, there is, quite honestly, nothing of any use to me in this update...

      I was very happy with Win7. The only reason I upgraded to 10 is because support for Win7 will expire in 2020 so I figured I may as well do it. Otherwise, the very concept of Windows as a "service" has never, does not now, nor will ever even remotely be of any use to me. In fact, the first two things I did while installing 10 was disable Cortana and notifications, not because I'm paranoid about my data being in the cloud, but because I have absolutely no use for those features.

      • Siv

        In reply to Nyghtfall:

        It's noticeable that a lot of desktop users like you and I can see no great advantage in any of the stuff they are adding to Windows and it's all at the expense of bloat and performance I suspect.

        I hope the new masters of Windows (the server team) will start applying the brakes and make sure that they know who their key audience is (ie people who do real work). It was very ironic in the videos above the narrator is using the example of something she is doing in her lunch break for home decorating not things that assist your daily work!

        Admittedly the "Focus Assist" might be useful to stop all the stupid notification distractions but generally it's all "fluff" rather than the things productivity users would really find useful.

        I can see Timeline causing a few problems on home computers, when the significant other happens to scroll back through their partner's Timeline and sees what they have been looking at on the internet :)

        • Nyghtfall

          In reply to Siv:

          I'm not going to hold my breath in the hope that things will get better. At this point, I would welcome a return to DOS. I was watching the original TRON the other day and found myself whimpering at the simplicity of watching Jeff Bridges use a command line.

  8. paulc543

    There's only two improvements I want in Windows 10:

    1 - No more crapware. Microsoft finally got after OEMs ruining PCs by loading them up with stupid garbage like Candy Crush... and then started doing it themselves. I use my computers for WORK. I shouldn't have to uninstall a dozen games and other garbage on every install and after every update.

    2 - Windows update needs to STOP AUTOMATICALLY REBOOTING my systems without explicit permission. Don't bother commenting on what to do, I've done it all and Microsoft support has confirmed that some updates are configured to ignore all these settings and install and reboot anyway. This needs to STOP.

    Outside that, Windows 10 does what an OS needs to do. If they want to add little polish, refinements or features here or there, fine, but nothing should interfere with the main task of an OS - which is to reliably run applications. Blindly killing those applications and rebooting isn't acceptable.

  9. tcfialho

    More junk than anyone asked for and no improvement in performance or in archaic NTFS file system. Nobody wants cortana or metrotrash applications. That's why gamers continue to install illegally LTSB even when they have Windows 10 legally. No reason to update.

  10. techguy33

    Was the user base clamoring for any of this?

  11. fbman

    The only feature I would use is Dictation. Timeline is not something i would use.

    Edge - Dont really use the browser as I use firefox as my daily browser (I dont trust that spyware called Chrome). All the edge improvements Firefox can already do.

    Funny enough, the iOS version of edge actually works well and I do find myself using it quite a lot.

  12. Tony Barrett

    So that's it then. Another 'major' release, and only a few things that are barely worth mentioning, and probably most won't even notice. If you use an offline account too - which any sensible person would - the timeline feature is pointless. As hardly anyone uses Edge, that doesn't really count for much either. MS should seriously consider just one release a year. They're less likely to get themselves in this deadline mess and might stand a chance of making the releases more worthwhile. Even Android and iOS only have annual releases. Why did MS want to try and outdo them with a bi-annual release for a desktop OS??

  13. gibber

    Although one can click to mute tabs with the new Edge, there is still major room for improvement. Hopefully Chrome's "Mute Tab" extension will be ported at some point, so this process can become automatic.

  14. Daniel D

    So Focus allows you to focus on actually doing one thing and you know finishing it, because your computer has become such a center of distraction in Windows 10, you need a button and a calendar to get back what you had in Windows 7. A computer to just get shit done on. Of course your narcissistic boss "Jack" still has his needs issues, so you can circumnavigate the whole point of the Focus feature by letting him interrupt you anyway from getting some real work done. Thus negating the whole point of the feature in the first place and really making it quite pointless as you then get a list of "VIP's" in your inbox, who insist you put them in as exceptions.

    At least the Timeline feature looks nice.

  15. Spineless

    Regarding Edge... the only updates are tab mute, better printing support, and grammar assist? That's a very short list...

    Regarding Dictation... that's nice, but is it only accessible from Windows + H?

  16. irfaanwahid

    I still somehow feel, 6 months release cycle is ridiculous to me. For example this month's April Update does not bring anything great or wow on the table. I like Timeline, but that's all.

    1 year release cycle is I think the sweet spot. If iOS, MacOS can do it, why not Windows. It's not that its users are really dying for updates every 6 months. Personally, I used to love 3 year cycle when the new update brought significant changes to the experience.

    Focus Assist, tiny improvements in Edge is not enough. Edge should get big updates at a much faster rate at the moment if it needs come close to Chrome.

  17. Nyghtfall

    Nothing of any use to me here... Next...

  18. Alastair Cooper

    I have to say I blocked Timeline in Group Policy. I really don't like the idea of details of everything I run getting uploaded.

  19. CalWorthington

    Hopefully Timeline can be blocked/removed easily. And it should be opt in, not opt out.