(Almost) 700 Million

Posted on May 7, 2018 by Paul Thurrott in Windows 10 with 26 Comments

Full Windows 10 on ARM? RIP, Windows Phone (Premium)

Microsoft announced today that there are now over 700 million PCs running Windows 10, a jump of 100 million since the last check-in.

UPDATE: Microsoft tells me that the figure is still “nearly 700 million,” which is the number Terry Myerson had provided a few weeks back. I was holding back on this post until the 700 million figure was official, but I guess we’re not quite there yet. —Paul

Yep. It’s time for some math.

As I noted back in November, Windows 10 adoption had accelerated throughout 2017. So how does it look over the past six months?

It’s held steady at 100 million PCs over 6 months, which works out to be 16.7 million new PCs per month. That’s the same tally we saw in November.

That’s good. But it is perhaps equally useful to compare this jump to comparable time frames. That is, how did Windows 10 usage grow during the first part of 2017, one year ago?

Between October 2016 and May 2016, an average of 14 million new active Windows 10 PCs were added each month. So it appears that the Windows 10 uptick growth we saw in the latter half of last year has remained consistent. As time goes by, more and more people are moving from legacy Windows versions to the newest version.

Critics will point to Terry Myerson’s ill-advised announcement in April 2015 that Microsoft would see over 1 billion Windows 10 PCs and devices by mid-2018. That Microsoft will fall short of that mark—well short, really—is easily understood. But we’ll need to see what corporate adoption looks like in the year ahead to understand if Microsoft can get there in less than three more years.

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