Microsoft Reopens Windows Insider’s Skip Ahead Program

Posted on July 23, 2018 by Mehedi Hassan in Windows 10 with 4 Comments

Microsoft is reopening the Windows Insider’s Skip Ahead program. The company hit the reset button for Skip Ahead earlier this month, removing everyone from the program.

The company is now letting new users join the Skip Ahead program, and if you were previously part of Skip Ahead, you will have to re-join the program. Microsoft is looking to start testing the next update for Windows 10 with Skip Ahead users, while it works on stabilising Redstone 5. Skip ahead users will receive Microsoft’s RS_PRERELEASE branch, which will include builds for Windows 10 19H1. And yes — Microsoft has ditched the “Redstone” codename for the next Windows 10 updates. They now include a much more meaningful naming system where the first two numbers represent the year of the update’s release, and the last two character represent the release period (first half or second half of the year).

Microsoft is likely going to start releasing Windows 10 19H1 builds to Insiders soon, so if you want to start testing the next version of Windows 10 before everyone else, make sure to enrol into Skip Ahead. Do note that Microsoft limits the number of users allowed in Skip Ahead, and you likely won’t be able to join the program if you don’t hurry up. The company is currently busy focusing on stabilising Redstone 5, which is set to later this year, sometime around September/October.

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Comments (4)

4 responses to “Microsoft Reopens Windows Insider’s Skip Ahead Program”

  1. Martin Pelletier


    Microsoft is that bold to have a new version ready by January after 1809? :)

  2. wingsio

    I usually wait for the stable windows to install, windows 10 is the best windows I have ever