Microsoft To-Do Gets Inking Support on Windows 10

Posted on September 4, 2018 by Mehedi Hassan in Windows 10 with 4 Comments

Microsoft To-Do is getting a really useful feature for touch users. If you own a modern Windows device that comes with a touch screen and a stylus, To-Do is going to be really intuitive to use soon.

Microsoft has started testing support for inking on the Windows 10 app with Insiders today. With inking support, you will be able to create notes using your stylus like the Surface Pen without having to use a physical keyboard or the touch keyboard. You can simply start taking a note, and use your stylus for input. The feature uses the same inking technology that you will find elsewhere in Windows 10, so the experience is very native and smooth. Microsoft’s been working on this stuff for years, and so it’s all very consistent and reliable.

What would make things even more awesome is if Microsoft ends up bringing inking support to other platforms, especially on the iPad or Android tablets. Microsoft’s been pushing inking and cross-platform across a lot of its consumer-faced products, and this seems like a no-brainer.

If you are an Insider, you can try out inking support by simply downloading the app from the Microsoft Store.

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5 responses to “Microsoft To-Do Gets Inking Support on Windows 10”

  1. RM needs to have the step tasks added yet. Right now is just shows the task.

  2. SvenJ

    "Microsoft’s been working on this stuff for years..." Kind of an understatement. I remember using Transcriber on my Pocket PC, with the stylus that was included, back in 1990.

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