Microsoft Details Deprecated and Removed Features in Windows 10 Version 1809

Posted on September 17, 2018 by Paul Thurrott in Windows 10 with 31 Comments

As it does for every new Windows version, Microsoft today detailed those features that are deprecated or removed in Windows 10 version 1809.

“We occasionally remove features and functionality, usually because we’ve added a better option,” a Microsoft documentation page notes. “Here are the details about the features and functionalities that we removed in Windows 10 version 1809.”

To be clear, deprecated features are those that Microsoft is no longer developing and plans to remove in a future release. These include:

Companion device dynamic lock APIs. Because “third party partners didn’t adopt the CDF method” of unlocking a PC by using a nearby device, Microsoft is no longer developing the CDF Dynamic Lock APIs.

OneSync service. This service synchronizes data for the Mail, Calendar, and People apps. But the Outlook app now includes a new sync engine that provides the same functionality.

Snipping Tool. Yet another way to take a screenshot in Windows 10, the Snipping Tool is being replaced by a new universal app called Snip & Sketch that is, yes, yet another way to take a screenshot in Windows 10. That said, it does provide additional features too.

Removed features include:

  • Business Scanning (Distributed Scan Management (DSM)
  • The FontSmoothing setting in unattend.xml
  • The Hologram app, which has been replaced with the Mixed Reality Viewer.
  • The Phone Companion app. This will be removed when you upgrade to version 1809. It was replaced by the Phone page in the Settings app.
  • Trusted Platform Module (TPM) management console


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Comments (31)

31 responses to “Microsoft Details Deprecated and Removed Features in Windows 10 Version 1809”

  1. StephenCWLL

    Hang on, the Mail, Calendar, and People apps sync'd data between devices???

  2. Todd Northrop

    I read that Microsoft is also getting rid of the Disk Cleanup tool, to be replaced by Storage Sense.

  3. Vitor Canova Weingaertner

    The snipping tool takes 1 second to open in my 18 months old computer. The Ink functionality takes a lot more to start to work, works just for the main monitor and when I try to share it crashes at first try. Photo app takes about 10 (TEN) seconds to open a pic that the old photo viewer takes nothing.

    Every new app Microsoft is doing is far worst than its predecessor. We are doomed.

  4. red.radar

    I use the snipping tool a lot . . . but I learned that windows + shift + s sends straight to clipboard. So that allows me to use paint for my markup.

    That's right Paint. Not paint3d...Paint virtual reality... Paint augmented 365 creators fall pumpkin spice latte now with emoji edition. .... just paint.

  5. generalprotectionfault

    I wish just once the "modern" replacements would actually work better. So far, with Screen Sketch, you get

    1) a huge window instead of a nice compact one

    2) less functionality with timer (3 & 10 seconds vs any choice up to 10)

    3) No ability to capture the active window which I used regularly and

    4) No ability to save as anything other than the default format.

    Fortunately nothing else on here scheduled to get the axe looks that alarming. But I have to say the 6 month feature removals is one of the things that bugs me most about WaaS. We should have more predictability than that.

  6. justme

    I'll join the chorus being concerned about losing the snipping tool. Snipping tool is simple and does what it says on the tin quite well- which, in Microsoft terms, likely means it was doomed from the start....

    • bluvg

      In reply to JustMe:

      I find the OneNote screenshot (WinKey+Shift+S) utility far better. I've only tried the new in-box replacement tool a couple times, but it also seems better than the Snipping Tool.

      • justme

        In reply to bluvg:

        Never been a OneNote user so I cant speak for it. What I like about the snipping tool is that its easy to use, and dont necessarily need the whole screen (meaning, you just capture what you want vice 'everything')

        • bluvg

          In reply to JustMe:

          That's what OneNote does so beautifully, even if you use the program for nothing else. WinKey+Shift+S immediately pauses and greys out the screen, and you can then draw a box around whatever you want to capture, either to the Windows clipboard or to OneNote.

          • justme

            In reply to bluvg:

            Thats fair enough - except I dont necessarily want it to go to the clipboard. With the snipping tool, I can see exactly what I've captured and save it - and if I get it wrong do it again. I can see the utility of OneNote, but I'd rather be able to see what I have just captured without having to paste it. But thats just me.

  7. wright_is

    Snipping tool is a Windows 7 feature. It eventual removal will be a bummer for people working at companies that disable store apps by policy...

    • gregsedwards

      In reply to wright_is:

      Which is one reason why I’ve been railing against this unnecessary yet far too common IT practice. Store apps are safe. There’s virtually no reason to disable them or otherwise lock them down in a typical use scenario. IT departments devalue Windows when they refuse to allow their users to get the benefit of store apps.

  8. fbman

    i am nervious about loosing the snipping tool.. for me that is the most used application on my machine

    • txag

      In reply to fbman:ef

      Before I recently retired, I also used the snipping tool pretty much every day to paste illustrations or scanned images into my lecture slides. The replacement doesn't sound like an improvement. (I virtually never needed a screenshot of the whole screen.)

  9. waethorn

    TPM stuff is now listed in Security Center. There are no management controls, but it tells you if your TPM firmware is out of date.

    Let's see how well Microsoft "upgrades your experiences" this time around. 1803 was not pretty.

  10. navarac

    Shame Candy Crush etc didn't get zapped as well.

  11. eric_rasmussen

    I use the snipping tool all the time. I hope Snip and Sketch works okay. Microsoft has a bad habit of deprecating good features and replacing them with apps that don't really work very well. The calculator is a great example. Windows 7's calc is way more functional than that of Windows 10.

    • kjb434

      In reply to Eric_Rasmussen: The old Snipping Tool is a resource I use all the time for work and at home.  I hear you concern.

    • lwetzel

      In reply to Eric_Rasmussen:

      I truly like the snipping tool. Snip and Sketch opens a bigger windows and then you have to hand draw around what you want to snip. Snipping tool allowed a simple diagonal to get a box around your choice. Very few times have I needed anything other then a simple diagonal to snip what I was after.

      • Darekmeridian

        In reply to lwetzel:

        In Snip & Sketch after you click on "New" for a new clip move your mouse to the top of the screen and there is a little tab that pops out that gives you the option of Rectangular, Freeform, or Fullscreen

    • ben55124

      In reply to Eric_Rasmussen:

      Snip & Sketch is missing the Delay option. With Snip Tool, you can have it wait up to 5 sec to allow you to stage your screen shot (i.e. open a menu). Seems like it would be a simple thing to add.

      • Darekmeridian

        In reply to ben55124:

        You probably need to update because there is a 3 and 10 second snip delay feature in Snip & Sketch, look under the "New" menu.

        • AnOldAmigaUser

          In reply to Darekmeridian:

          It would seem I have the latest version, and there are no options under the "New" menu regarding delay.

          With the snipping tool, after hitting "New", you can use the <ESC> key to pause the process, then open a menu, highlight a selection, and use <Ctrl><PrtSc> to restart the capture. This does not work in Snip & Sketch. I use this feature a lot.

          It also seems odd that each "New" snip requires another window, and that the capture mode is a floating toolbar on the screen rather than a choice in the application menu.

          Another issue is that the Feedback Hub does not list Snip & Sketch in the list of apps, it seems to list as Screen Sketch in the store, or at least the icons match. I would much rather keep the Snipping Tool.

          • AnOldAmigaUser

            In reply to Darekmeridian:

            I was merely stating that I did not see the options that you have under the "New" menu...then I went on the rant. It was not directed at you.

            I am not on the latest build of 1809, as I have had better luck letting the fast ring builds come from Microsoft rather than seeking them out as soon as they are released. My test machine is a bit long of tooth. That said, my version of Screen Sketch or Snip & Sketch (why they changed the name from that in the store I do not know) is the latest version from the store. It is lower than the version you have, so I have to assume versions of the app are tied to versions of the OS, and I will eventually see the menu options

            Everything else was just a rant. It is not just the products and tools that they abandon; it is the ones they geld, as well. Still trying to understand why the new product opens with a default screen grab, rather than waiting for the users to grab what they want...which is done with the second instance, because "New" cannot be invoked without the first instance.

            I have to wonder if anyone at Microsoft is actually using this tool. At least the Snipping Tool will still be available.

            • Darekmeridian

              In reply to AnOldAmigaUser:

              Ok gotcha.. no problem. Could be Microsoft A/B testing too not sure what you are going to get with this company at any point. Consistancy isn't exactly what Microsoft is known forbut hopefully these things will achieve some sort of parity, and don't mind me .. Rant Away! :)

    • compmunkey

      In reply to Eric_Rasmussen:

      It works pretty good -- froze up completely on me the other. There are lots of mark up features.

    • OldITPro2000

      In reply to Eric_Rasmussen:

      I was just about to say the same thing.