A Closer Look at the New Windows 10 Light Mode

Posted on November 14, 2018 by Mehedi Hassan in Windows, Windows 10 with 39 Comments

Microsoft today introduced a major change to Windows 10’s design after a while. Windows 10 is finally getting a new light mode, and if you already thought the OS had a light theme before, you won’t be wrong.

Right now, Windows 10 has a light theme that applies to apps and some other parts of the OS, but it’s not a system-wide theme. More notably, things like the Start Menu, the taskbar, and the notification centre continued to have the dark look of Windows 10 ever since the initial launch of the OS. That’s changing soon with the new light mode, which introduces a light theme for almost all parts of the OS. And it looks really gorgeous after using the dark theme for years.

Here’s a closer look:

The start menu context menu with Acrylic

Action Centre with light theme

Quick Action editing also has the light theme

Taskbar jumplists with the light theme acrylic

Other system popups have the light theme too

The time/date popup with the light theme

Toast notifications with the light theme

Search with the light theme

Cortana still has the dark look

And here is new default wallpaper that compliments the new light theme:






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