Firefox 64 Brings Improved Tab Management, Native Sharing on Windows 10

Posted on December 11, 2018 by Mehedi Hassan in Windows 10 with 8 Comments

Mozilla today released Firefox 64 to all users. The update brings a bunch of new features, though most of them aren’t anything major.

The big new change here is the new tab management features. You can now select multiple tabs (CTRL+Shift+click) from the tab bar and move them around, close, bookmark, or pin very quickly. The feature is a bit confusing to use at first, though once you get used to it, things do get much better and quicker.

The update brings improved performance for those on Mac and Linux, thanks to the new link-time optimization tech that landed on Windows with Firefox 63. The update also introduces a new Task Manager feature, accessible from about:performance that details exactly how much energy is used by each of the tabs you have open.

And on Windows 10, the update brings support for the native sharing experience — so when you now share a webpage from Firefox, it will now open the native share sheet in Windows 10, letting you use features like Nearby Share, for example.

There are a bunch of other minor changes included in Firefox 64, so make sure to check out the full changelog if you are a Firefox user.

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Comments (8)

8 responses to “Firefox 64 Brings Improved Tab Management, Native Sharing on Windows 10”

  1. Oasis

    In FF64 for Windows 7 they took away the "reload all tabs" feature and now you have to "select all tabs" and then right click one of them and then tell it to reload tabs. So, more work to get what was easy before.

  2. windows user

    What Firefox theme is that?

  3. Tony Barrett

    All credit to Mozilla. They've done wonders with Firefox since the Quantum release. It's quick, stable and they seem to have the horrific memory issues under control now too. A great browser.

  4. james_wilson

    I've now moved to Firefox as my primary browser on Windows 10, Mac OS and iOS. All seem to work together well and the UI feels much better on all platforms that it used to.

  5. petrolemo

    on v65 beta, inactive tabs are now using Windows 10's user-defined theme color while I'm in dark mode... so now I have GREEN inactive tabs. Awesome. And distracting visually.

    Anyone else experiencing this? Any way to turn that off? I can't find the setting.

  6. tboggs13

    I thought "native" sharing was restricted to UWP/Store apps. If Firefox can share, why can't Outlook for the Desktop be a target to send to?

  7. enigmaxg2

    Just a small correction to the article about the tab selection, because it has 2 modes but only one is mentioned here (and other tech blogs citing this as source):

    First one is CTRL+CLICK where you can select individual tabs, they'll group when dragging.

    The second one (and the only mentioned) is CTRL+SHIFT+CLICK which allows you to select a tab as "A" point, another as a "B" point and every tab between them (you can unselect a undesired one with CTRL+CLICK).