There are Ads … And Then There are Ads (Premium)


When Microsoft first started putting advertisements in Windows back in 2012, I accurately called it a slippery slope. As I predicted, instances of advertising in Windows have only exploded since then. And Microsoft has repeatedly tried to slip even more insidious ads and other obstructions into pre-release Windows 10 builds in the Insider Preview only to have them back-off thanks to user outrage.

But when it comes to this kind of thing, there are ads … and then there are ads. I use this term broadly, and on purpose: It’s just too complicated to list out of the many strange transgressions in Windows 10. In the book Windows 10 Field Guide, for example, I refer to them generally as “annoyances” and I devote the opening section of the Personalization chapter to explaining how to remove them. For you Thurrott Premium members, I also briefly discussed this process (via “Remove crapware” and “Disable Windows 10 advertising and suggestions”) in This is How I Configure Windows 10 (Premium).

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