This is Why There Are Ads in Windows 10 (Premium)

This is Why There Are Ads in Windows 10 (Premium)

While the tech blogosphere is finally waking up to the slippery slope of in-box advertising in Windows, I'm more curious now about the "why" than the "what". Why would Microsoft cheapen such an important platform like this? And what does this say about Windows as a platform?

I first raised this alarm in 2012, when I noted that Microsoft was cheapening Windows 8 with advertising in in-box apps like News and Sports, and noted that this was just the tip of the iceberg. Critics disagreed, but they were wrong then and they're even wronger now, with Microsoft escalating its use of advertising throughout Windows in subsequent releases of Windows: In 2016, I raised this issue again for Windows 10, and in recent weeks I've started documenting how you can remove the crazy distractions throughout Windows 10.

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