Windows 10 is Active on 825 Million Devices

Posted on May 10, 2019 by Paul Thurrott in Windows 10 with 49 Comments

According to internal documentation viewed by, Windows 10 is now active on over 825 million devices worldwide. It’s unclear why Microsoft did not divulge this figure at Build. But as part of a recent reorganization, we also have a better understanding now about how the firm will evolve Windows moving forward.

First, there’s been a leadership hole at Windows since Terry Myerson left in 2018. So, Microsoft has promoted Eran Megiddo to corporate vice president of Windows and Education. He will focus on Windows client direction and strategy and will report to Joe Belfiore, who leads Microsoft’s Essential Products (“EPIC” internally) team. EPIC is part of the Microsoft 365 organization and is responsible for Windows 10 apps, Microsoft Edge, OneNote, and Android and iOS mobile experiences (Microsoft Launcher, Microsoft Edge, OneNote, Microsoft To-Do, Microsoft News, and more).

(EPIC also oversees Microsoft’s education efforts and its partnerships with third-party developers who create Windows and Microsoft 365 apps.)

Given his position below Belfiore, it’s not clear how he is a Myerson replacement. Certainly, he will have no place on Microsoft’s senior leadership team (SLT), but will instead be part of a Windows leadership team (WLT). This is more about “product leadership” than about actual corporate leadership, I guess.

Eran and the Windows team have three goals for the near future: Create clarity around Microsoft’s strategy for Windows, better manage cross-devices experiences between Windows and mobile, and continue pushing Windows in education. There are a variety of new job assignments and roles related to this, but I’m only concerned about the actual product.

Finally, there are also some interesting stats about EPIC’s successes so far. The unit’s Windows 10 mobile apps have been downloaded 32 million times. The mobile versions of Microsoft Edge have been downloaded 4.5 million times. The Microsoft Launcher has over 4 million monthly active users. SwiftKey has over 159 million active users. And Microsoft is working on a Microsoft Family mobile app, though it’s not clear what it does.

I’ll try to find out more about these changes, at least related to Windows and the other products.

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