Microsoft Is Turning Cortana in Windows 10 Into a Standalone App

Posted on June 28, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Windows, Windows 10 with 28 Comments

Microsoft is working on a new Cortana app internally. The new Cortana app will introduce a new experience for the personal assistant in Windows 10 — but more importantly, it will change how Microsoft delivers Cortana to Windows 10 users.

The splitting up of Cortana in Windows 10 first started when Microsoft split up Cortana from Windows Search in the Windows 10 May 2019 Update. And now, Microsoft is turning Cortana into an independent, standalone app, completely separate from Windows 10.

That means you will soon be able to install Cortana as any other Windows 10 app from the Microsoft Store. Right now, a listing for the new Cortana beta app has showed up on the Microsoft Store, though you can’t install it just yet. Microsoft splitting up Cortana from Windows 10 means the company will be able to upgrade Cortana more frequently, and it also gives PC makers with the freedom to use other assistants like Alexa as the default on their device instead of Cortana.

Recent leaks have shown that the new Cortana experience will be identical to how Cortana on mobile works. The new experience is more conversational and is wildly different from Cortana in Windows 10 now. And personally, I think that’s a very good move considering the fact that Cortana was being heavily neglected in Windows 10 over the last year or so.

Timeline for the release of this new Cortana app is unknown, but it’s likely Microsoft will launch a beta for the new app soon.

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