Windows 10 Field Guide Updated for 19H2

Posted on September 9, 2019 by Paul Thurrott in Windows 10 with 9 Comments

With Microsoft finally coming clean about the new features in Windows 10 19H2, I have updated the Windows 10 Field Guide too.

It wasn’t all that difficult: There aren’t that many new features, and when you whittle the list down to just the new features that show up in the user interface and need to be added to the book, it gets very short. On that note, I’ve already updated the book to include the inline new event capabilities in the Agenda flyout that appears when you click on the Date/Time item in the notification area. And I’ve made a few other small changes, as needed, here and there. That should just about do it.

Of course, a book like the Windows 10 Field Guide is never really done: There are undoubtably some typos that readers will hopefully find and report, and I will always fix those. And I do still think about covering a few Windows 10 features in more depth, like search and Cortana, which no longer have their own chapter. But it’s more likely that I’ll just move on to the next edition, which will be a new book that covers Windows 10 version 20H1 instead.

I’m still not sure how I will sell that new book. I’m thinking about it making it available beyond Leanpub, and perhaps as an inexpensive annual subscription. We’ll see. For now, I’m just happy that the current book, which is almost four years old now, is completely up to date for the current (and next) Windows 10 version.

If you did purchase the Windows 10 Field Guide, thank you. And remember that you get any and all updates for free. I won’t be emailing anyone about the updates this month, so grab the new version from your Leanpub library today or later this week.

And if you still haven’t purchased the book, please consider doing so: It directly rewards me and my coauthors for years of hard work.



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