Windows 10 Version 1903 is Finally Reliable Enough for Everyone

Posted on September 28, 2019 by Paul Thurrott in Windows 10 with 23 Comments

Five months after it was released, Microsoft has announced that Windows 10 version 1903 is finally ready for “broad deployment.” The announcement comes on the eve of the release of its successor, Windows 10 version 1909, which will presumably hit a similar quality milestone sometime in early 2020.

“Windows 10 version 1903 is designated ready for broad deployment for all users via Windows Update,” the Windows Update account on Twitter tweeted this week, pointing to the Windows 10 version 1903 release information page on the Microsoft Docs website.

“As [PCs] running the Home, Pro, and Pro for Workstation editions of Windows 10 version 1803 will reach end of service on November 12, 2019, we are broadly updating these [PCs], as well as those running earlier versions of Windows 10 that are past end of service, to keep these [PCs] both supported and receiving monthly updates,” the site notes. “If you are not offered the Windows 10 version 1903 feature update, please check for known issues and safeguard holds that may affect your [PC].”

Looking over the list of known issues in this release, one can see that Microsoft has indeed fixed many of them. A few, however, are listed as being “investigated” by Microsoft, such as updates that fail to install with Error code 0x80073701 and the infamous disappearing dGPU on Surface Book 2 issue. So even though Windows 10 version 1903 has apparently passed Microsoft’s quality bar, it still has some showstoppers, depending on your situation. That the Surface Book 2 dGPU issue dates back to July is particularly disheartening.

But whatever: Windows 10 version 1909 is steaming down the tracks and could be finalized as soon as this coming week. So hang onto your butts, as the treadmill never ends.

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Comments (23)

23 responses to “Windows 10 Version 1903 is Finally Reliable Enough for Everyone”

  1. BoItmanLives

    "This time we really fixed everything" -- yarite.

    Knock yourself out, Paul. Personally I"ll wait another 6 months for Microsoft to patch the patches. Been burned too many times during MS's grand Windows 10 experiment. 6-12 months minimum before I update.

  2. lerschcaitlina

    Thank You For Useful Information.

  3. Greg Green

    If you are not offered the Windows 10 version 1903 feature update, please check for known issues and safeguard holds that may affect your [PC].”

    Most people won’t know what version of Windows 10 they’re on or even how to find it. This brings MS back to the Win XP days where people didn’t even know Windows update existed. Soon they’ll be unsupported and not even know it.

  4. will

    I want off!!

  5. Winner

    So why are they doing releases every six months, anyway? Trying to chase Ubuntu?

  6. dcdevito

    I gave up on Windows, too many updates, too many bugs and now they removed the ability to use a local account? No thanks.

    • wright_is

      In reply to dcdevito:

      I installed a dozen computers last week, all had local accounts, before being added to the domain.

      As to too many updates, what are you using instead? macOS, Linux, BSD, iOS, Android et al. also require regular updates and any that affect the kernel also need a restart... And the consumer Linux distros generally need upgrading to the next version as often as Windows.

      At least this time round, with 1909 being mainly a service pack for 1903, it means we can go 18 months before having to do the next major upgrade.

    • evox81

      In reply to dcdevito:

      There are plenty of reasons to dislike Windows... you don't have to make excuses up.

    • fishnet37222

      In reply to dcdevito:

      Where is your evidence that you can't use a local account anymore?

  7. madthinus

    Rather cover your privates...?

  8. Tony Barrett

    Oh boy. I like the way MS deem it 'reliable enough' for everyone now. Doesn't instill confidence does it? Wasn't 1903 'released' in May? You'd assume being released meant it's ready for general use (or at least that what it used to mean). No, 'released' these days means there are still a ton of bugs, and MS wanted to see how many systems got hosed with this update first, but then they release more patches which cause more problems! We're now almost in October, a few weeks away from 1909, and MS 'deem' 1903 is ready. Windows 10 is just a complete sh*t show now. A bug ridden mess that MS force on everyone to beta test for them. If this is the future of Windows, MS had better watch out - consumer confidence in Windows is falling, and fast, and MS still can't get Win10 working properly on their on hardware, which says something!

    This whole 'as a service' experiment seems to have some very big cracks in it now. My recommendation is defer these updates for as long as you can, or get off this hamster wheel altogether. So what if you're 12-18 months behind - maybe MS will actually have those versions working properly by then!

  9. MikeGalos

    No. It means the bugs in 3rd Party drivers have finally been fixed by those 3rd Parties.

  10. rayl

    Please do NOT update. I made that mistake a couple of weeks ago and my system didn't boot after the update. Got an error about some dll's missing. Thankfully I had done a full disk backup the previous night so after spending an entire weekend restoring from backup, I'm back in business. But, I will NOT update to 1903 anytime soon. :-(