Windows 10 Version 1909 Usage Jumps to 22.6 Percent

Posted on February 25, 2020 by Paul Thurrott in Windows 10 with 10 Comments

Windows 10 Version 1909 hit 22.6 percent usage this month, AdDuplex says, up from 15.2 percent this past January.

“[Windows 10 version 1909] is now on 22.6 percent of Windows 10 PCs,” AdDuplex notes in its latest report, which is based on a survey of about 90,000 PCs. “Interestingly, the pattern of the last update cycle seems to be repeating: The bulk of the growth comes from people upgrading from an OS that was one release behind [in this case Windows 10 version 1809,] and not the last release.”

Windows 10 version 1909 is still the second-most-often-used Windows 10 version, behind version 1903, whose usage is flat month-over-month at 52.9 percent. Overall usage of version 1909 grew over 50 percent since January.

The most interesting stat here, of course, is that over three-quarters of all Windows 10 PCs out in the world are now running a version of the OS that Microsoft released in 2019. Combined, Windows 10 versions 1903 and 1909 account for 75.5 percent of all versions currently in use.

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