Kensington Announces a Windows Hello Fingerprint Reader

Posted on March 30, 2021 by Paul Thurrott in Windows 10 with 18 Comments

Kensington today announced its VeriMark Desktop Fingerprint Key, which provides Windows Hello fingerprint recognition to Windows 10-based PCs.

“The VeriMark Desktop Fingerprint Key, which features a long 3.9-foot USB cable enabling placement virtually anywhere on the desktop, is a versatile biometric security solution that supports single-factor (passwordless), dual-factor, multi-factor, and Tap-and-Go authentication,” the firm says. “The TAA-compliant device, which combines superior biometric performance and 360-degree readability with anti-spoofing technology, can be deployed in the enterprise to support cybersecurity measures consistent with (but not limited to) privacy laws and regulations such as General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Biometric Information Privacy Act (BIPA), and California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).”

The VeriMark Desktop Fingerprint Key features Match-in-Sensor fingerprint technology, which ensures that your fingerprint data stays on the device, and it can store up to 10 different fingerprints. And thanks to its Windows Hello and Windows Hello for Business compatibility, it works seamlessly with various Microsoft services, and it can integrate with existing IT infrastructures.

The VeriMark Desktop Fingerprint Key costs $75 and comes with a two-year warranty. You can learn more on the Kensington website, but I’m hoping to review this product soon as well.

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Comments (20)

20 responses to “Kensington Announces a Windows Hello Fingerprint Reader”

  1. davehelps

    Awesome! I've been looking for something like this. I used a Microsoft Fingerprint reader pre-Vista, and it was a very convenient method for login and fast user switching (and yes, I know, not *really* secure, but good enough at home).

    I find the camera-based Windows Hello on my Surface and my girlfriend's Spectre to be fast and effective too, but my desktop PC feels a bit backward by comparison - typing in a PIN, like a neanderthal...

    Looking forward to the review.... I may buy one regardless ?

  2. JH_Radio

    woah wait if I baught this could I use it on Windows 7 and 10? the one from Microsoft that is. It'ed sure make life easier I think. also how would it work across different PCs? This sounds like a much easier thing than using a password manager.

  3. scumdogmillionaire

    Every time I list my grievances of all the hardware Microsoft convinced me to buy only to discontinue later (Lumia, Band, Surface RT, etc...) I always forget to include the Microsoft Finger Print reader which they also refused to update for Windows Vista I believe it was. Maybe 7? In any case this reminded me of one other time they screwed me.

  4. nerdile

    I think they soft-launched these on Amazon prior to the announcement. I looked at these last week but chose to buy their $40 model instead, because the extra $35 for the long usb cable didn't make sense for me when I already have a usb hub within arm's reach that I swap between my work and home PCs (like a makeshift KVM switch).

    Edit: this one: [Paul, I feel like this should be an affiliate link for you...]

    I wish these were $25, but at $40 I still thought it was totally worth it for the convenience. I even use it for my work ThinkPad because I can keep it closed and docked and save space on my desk (where I have my ergo keyboard).

  5. ron mcmahon

    My Microsoft wireless Mouse and fingerprint scanner isn't supported by Windows Hello. Yet another abandoned Microsoft technology...

  6. msitekkie

    At last a Windows Hello fingerprint reader for desktop users - I have found fingerprint login such a huge boon on my phone & tablet, since Windows Hello became available I have been looking for a keyboard with a fingerprint reader built in & I am kind of shocked nobody is addressing this obvious gap in the market, yet fairly easily obtainable on laptops - go figure.. You can get those USB dongle style ones - aimed at use with a laptops again though & not a good form factor for desktop users.

    Hmm how about using one of those with a keyboard that has a USB hub oh, nobody sells those any more now we have a more compelling use case...

    Come on Kensington, do the world a favour & put one in a keyboard.

  7. navarac

    If it works as well as the finger print reader on the back of my phone - I'll pass.

    • jchampeau

      In reply to navarac:

      What phone do you have? The only thing, and I mean the ONLY thing, I really liked about my Nexus 5X was the fingerprint reader on the back. Especially in this time of wearing masks in public, I long for a fingerprint reader on the back of my smartphone to unlock it.

  8. jwpear

    Love the idea of this. It does feel like something that should be built into keyboards at this point.

  9. LT1 Z51

    I have one that just plugs into a usb port directly, and my desktop has USB ports on the top of it (so it's plugged in there).

    Is the big deal here that this thing has a cable attached to it?

  10. anthonye1778

    I love the functionality of this thing but then I saw the $75 price tag... and I'll pass on it for now. Still, though. Looks good and hopefully it works consistently for those that DO need such a device.

  11. dspeterson

    I've been using random brands off Amazon (which all seem to work with Windows Hello without any additional drivers/software), but this one looks nicer for sure!

  12. graememeyer

    The existing Verimark USB reader isn’t bad either. Not as reliable as a touchID sensor though. Marginally better than your average built-in laptop sensor

  13. illuminated


    XPS17 has power button with fingerprint scanner and I love it. It is incredibly useful.

  14. wright_is

    The only Kingston Verimark available on Alternate or Amazon are the USB stubs, there is no device available with a cable. Given that the USB ports are at the back of my tower on the floor or behind my 43" screen, that isn't an option.

    Any news on when they will be made widely available?

    On the Kensington US store, it is sold out.

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