Cortana Serves Up Coupons In Edge, Saves You a Few Bucks

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With Windows 10, Microsoft has not only introduced its new browser Edge but they also integrated their personal digital assistant Cortana. To take it one step further, Microsoft integrated Cortana directly into the browser as well and has recently enabled a new feature to save you a few bucks while shopping.

Cortana can now present coupons from popular retailers directly in the navigation bar and with the initial release, Staples, Best Buy and Macy’s are participating in the program; Microsoft says that they will be expanding the service to other retails in the coming months. In addition to those three stores, to no surprise, coupons also work with Microsoft’s own store as well.

This new feature is a way that Microsoft is trying to differentiate its browser from the likes of Chrome and Firefox.

While this may not be a feature you use every day, the idea behind Cortana is to help surface content in the background to improve your workflow, whether it be the traffic information for your commute home or highlighting coupons you may not have known that existed. If you add up all of these tiny additions, they create a better overall experience.

The update is now live and you will slowly start seeing these coupons be highlighted in your nav bar on popular retail sites around the web.

Microsoft has to be careful with this integration to make sure that retails don’t start gaming the system. While it does not look like they can change the text of what Cortana says in the nav bar, the last thing Microsoft wants to have happen is that Cortana gets turned into an advertisement which would ruin its reputation.

You can check out Microsoft’s blog post on the topic here.

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