Here’s How Your Feedback Impacted Windows 10 Technical Preview 2

Posted on January 23, 2015 by Paul Thurrott in Windows 10 with 0 Comments

As part of today’s release of the Windows 10 Technical Preview 2 (build 9926), Microsoft responded to criticism from testers who were worried that their feedback was being ignored. Not so, we’re told, and here’s a list of how your feedback has impacted this release.

“We love highlighting specific features we’ve changed based on your feedback,” Microsoft’s Gabe Aul writes in a new post to Blogging Windows. “We’ve implemented some top feedback requests in this build. As with previous builds it’s impossible to list them all, and many things are invisible – like the crashes and hangs that your problem reports helped us track down.”

Here’s the list:

File Explorer default view. They answered my personal top request: Let us pick the default folder when opening File Explorer.


Full-screen button in title bar. Because the More menu (sometimes called the “hamburger” menu is too hard to hit with touch, Microsoft added a full-screen button to universal app title bars so you can toggle that view easily.

More consistent title bars. The title bars in universal and desktop windows are now more “harmonious.”

Task switching improvements. Testers said that ALT + TAB was too jarring, while others wondered why virtual desktops were not accessible from ALT+TAB. So Microsoft merged the previous ALT+TAB design with the Task View to produce an approach that retained the large thumbnails that people like, but with an overlay that is familiar.

More languages. WTP2 supports more languages, including Japanese, Russian, German, French, French (Canada), Korean, Italian, Spanish, Spanish (Latin America), Traditional Chinese, Swedish, Finnish, Turkish, Arabic, Dutch, Czech, Polish, Thai, Vietnamese (Language Interface Pack), Catalan (Language Interface Pack), and Hindi (Language Interface Pack).

New build download progress bar. The Settings app now provides a progress bar for preview build downloads, which Aul says was a top request for Insiders.

Keyboard light bug is fixed. Earlier builds had a bug where keyboard lights weren’t working when Caps lock/Num lock/Scroll lock was toggled. That bug was fixed.

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