Native Ad-Blocking Planned For Edge, Targeted For Summer Release – Update: Or Not

Posted on March 31, 2016 by Brad Sams in Windows 10 with 0 Comments

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A few weeks ago, Microsoft finally released a version of Edge that supported extensions to those who are in the Insider program. One of the primary reasons users want this feature is so that they can install an ad-blocker.

At Microsoft’s Build conference this week, the company showed off a road map of features they are working to include in the upcoming Anniversary update of Windows 10. This update, which will arrive in the summer, will bring with it native ad-blocking that will likely make many users happy as they won’t need to utilize an extension to filter web content.

Seeing as Microsoft is doing everything it can to make sure that Edge is a consumer friendly browsers, it’s not too surprising to see that they are going to include this feature out of the box. Considering that Edge is fighting an uphill battle against Chrome, this strategic move will give them a small leg-up against Google’s browser but it will likely not be a hero feature for the platform.

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Ad-blocking on the web is quickly moving into the mainstream and with Edge including this feature in the browser that will be running on a billion PCs in the next two years, it could have a serious impact on how website monetize their content. Specifically, if a large number of users who view content are doing so with ad-blocking enabled, expect to see the rise of native advertising or sites that lock-out users who run ad-blockers; side note, please consider whitelisting Thurrott and Petri if you do run an ad-blocker.

The Anniversary update to Windows 10 will bring with it quite a few new features such as improved inking support, updates to Cortana and enhancements for Action center. If you missed it yesterday, you can have an early look at some of these features, here.

Update: Well this is awkward, Microsoft is now saying that they are not building an ad blocking solution into the browser as this issue has been resolved with extensions. This slide is based on feedback from insiders and the reason it is marked as green is because of extensions, not because they are building a solution of their own; clear as mud.

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