Cortana Can Now Sync Notifications From Your Android Phone To Your Windows 10 PC

Microsoft Ships First Beta of Cortana for Android

Earlier this year, Microsoft announced that Cortana would soon be able to show notifications from your Android device on your Windows 10 PC. This morning, the company has turned on that feature but you need to be running the latest version of the Windows 10 Insider build and running Cortana on your phone.

This feature will be welcomed by those who use an Android device as it brings the two platforms closer together. And if you are using Google’s mobile OS, this feature is a compelling reason to install Cortana which means Microsoft is leveraging its desktop platform to get more of its mobile apps installed on your phone.

The next logical question is if Microsoft will be bringing this feature to its iOS version of Cortana. Seeing as Apple has locked down its OS in what is often called the ‘walled garden’, iPhone users may be not ever see this feature arrive unless Microsoft can find a creative work-around of the limitations imposed within iOS to enable the functionality.

Microsoft is using Cortana to weave separate platforms and services together on the backend to create the ‘Microsoft’ mobile experience. Seeing as the company’s mobile OS has failed to attract a significant audience, its new strategy involves bringing the Windows-like experience to all platforms, even if that means leveraging the selling points of Windows phone on other devices.

You can download Cortana for Android, here.

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