Windows 10’s Redstone Update Takes A Step Forward

Posted on October 12, 2015 by Brad Sams in Windows 10 with 0 Comments

Windows 10

The first minor update to Windows 10 is set to arrive next month but a bigger release has entered the first phase of development. The update, currently known as Redstone internally, is targeted for a June release but not much is known in terms of large scale features that will arrive with this update.

The general premise behind Redstone is to make the OS more like a hub for all the technology you use everyday, including your phone, health apps, and in the future virtual reality. But, the update has not been fully scoped so there is still quite a bit of flexibility to what Microsoft will deliver with this release.

For those who are curious about this update, there is now a public branch that can be seen, via BuildFeed, labeled RS1 that is the first update in the Redstone family. It is currently expected that there will be two updates in this release wave, Redstone 1 and Redstone 2; Redstone two should arrive around the Oct/Nov timeframe.

But what about Threshold Wave 2? Insider sources are saying that Microsoft has targeted a November release and is now taking steps to lock down the check-in procedures for new features for the upcoming release. In layman’s terms, this means that Microsoft is only letting stable features be included in the pre-update tests and anything that does not meet their requirements for quality will be dropped from the update.

Windows 10 has been growing rapidly since it was released in July, last week Microsoft announced that there have been more than 110 million installs of the OS.

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