Some Windows 10 Insider Builds Expire July 15th, New Build Coming Before That Date

Posted on July 3, 2016 by Brad Sams in Windows 10 with 0 Comments

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Image Credit: Alex Gumpel

If you are running a build of Windows 10 from the Insider branch, you may have seen a prompt like the screen above. The current builds that have been released have what is often referred to as a ‘time bomb’ meaning that non-final builds have an expiration date.

With the latest build of Windows 10 released to Fast ring users, Insiders are reporting that the time bomb date is July 15th while others are reporting that their date is in October. Thankfully, if you are seeing this, Dona Sarkar has said that a new build of Windows 10 will be released before that date. Considering we are only a couple weeks from sign-off for the release build, nearly every build compiled is likely a good candidate to release to Insiders which means there won’t be an issue in releasing a new build before the expiration window.

These ‘time bombs’ are quite common with Windows beta releases and this isn’t a big surprise to most users who have lived through previous Windows beta releases with Microsoft. The biggest difference this time is that the expiration date is typically many months after the final release arrives which makes this date being only 13 days away sit a bit uneasy with some users.

Fret not though, this is a known date with Microsoft and your machine will get a new build before this date arrives. With that being said, make sure you keep your machine on the latest builds in the Fast/Slow rings to make sure the time bomb doesn’t impact your setup.

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