Google Weirdo Criticizes Windows 10

Posted on November 3, 2015 by Paul Thurrott in Windows 10 with 0 Comments

Google Weirdo Criticizes Windows 10

Raise your hand if you’d buy a used car from this guy. Yeah, that’s what I thought.

Google vice president of design Matias Duarte triggered a bunch of coverage yesterday when he criticized Windows 10. I have a few thoughts about this clown.

And I do mean a few. This is barely worth discussing.

First, his comments, which came via Twitter.

I just setup a Surface 4 & Windows 10 – not sure why I was excited to try a new thing, it’s basically XP with a flat design skin. #FutureNot


Windows10 ? More like Windows 10 years ago!

So, this guy is a troll, nothing more. There is no way that the person in charge of stealing other people’s ideas and rolling them into Google’s products could ever make a rational case for touting Google’s design superiority. Where Apple and Microsoft have innovated in mobile UI design—heck, Microsoft won awards for Metro, which Google calls Material Design—Google has simply copied. Again and again and again.

Second, and perhaps more important, why now? Windows 10 has been in public development since October 2014, and was released this past July. Are you telling me that the one person at Google responsible for UI design just now decided to see what was up wth Windows 10? Seriously? And “a flat design skin”? Sort of Android 6 is Android with a flat design skin, right? I mean. Seriously.

Oh, now we’re going to pretend that it’s because of Surface Pro 4? Are we? Because Google just copied Surface Pro. So let’s not pretend that he wasn’t aware of this product and how it works. What he should have purchased was a Surface Book, so Google can steal that next year.

Put simply, this guy is a thief and a fraud. And now he’s criticizing the source of one of his most recent thefts. He does not deserve this attention.


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