Microsoft Confirms Second Windows 10 Update Coming This Year

Posted on February 20, 2017 by Brad Sams in Windows 10 with 20 Comments

In a month or two, Microsoft will be releasing the Creators update for Windows 10 that will bring several new features to the platform. As I have been saying for a few months, Microsoft is planning a second update for 2017 for Windows 10 and now the company has confirmed these plans.

At Ignite Australia last week, spotted by Rafael, Microsoft has confirmed that they will release another update for Windows 10 sometime in 2017. Unfortunately, the slide does not state when that will happen but I have been hearing October/November timeline for release.

As for what might be included in this iteration of Windows 10, it’s likely a safe bet that we will see the People Bar that was delayed from the Creators update and the Neon design language should start to show up as well. Beyond that, it’s a bit too early to say, but Microsoft has begun significant work on this release and is starting to already look at development plans Redstone 4.

While this may seem like a quick turnaround for a new update to Windows 10, Microsoft concluded major development efforts for the Creators Update back in January and is now focusing on bug smashing. This means that developers have been working on Redstone three for at least a month, if not longer, which gives them plenty of time to get another update cleaned up for release later this year.

As for now, don’t expect to see anything from Redstone 3 to show up in Insider releases until after the Creators update ships; if you want to watch the presentation where the slide shown above was mentioned, you can find that here.



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Comments (20)

20 responses to “Microsoft Confirms Second Windows 10 Update Coming This Year”

  1. johnbaxter

    And 60 days after RS 3 goes to Current Branch for Business (the start of the blue part of the bar), Anniversary Update goes off support. Unless of course Microsoft changes its mind (edited adding this sentence).

  2. andrewtechhelp

    I find it interesting they use the language "Pilot" for the Current Branch and "Production" for the Current Branch for Business in this diagram. It's essentially saying that the home PC users on the Current Branch are 'Piloting' each new feature update. Only when it gets to the Current Branch for Business does it move to 'Production'. Interesting.

  3. stephen888

    Microsoft first revealed it was planning back in August, but the company never shared timing details for its second unnamed update. While the Creators Update, which is currently being tested by Windows Insiders, is expected to debut in April, it’s not clear when the second big Windows 10 update will be made available.

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  4. mrmobileperformance

    It's the Second Coming of Windows 10.

  5. Cosmocronos

    Well, unless I am missing something the slide shows a " production" release date in the beginning of 2018, not 2017.

  6. Waethorn

    Here's a topic of contention that I have with Windows 10:

    In a default install, many apps are just shortcuts to the Windows Store.

    As soon as you modify the language settings from the default image language, the Windows Store downloads full versions of any of those apps, thereby taking up additional drive space.

  7. John Dunagan

    This at all related to that other article about Microsoft losing the FUD War on Windows 10? I imagine concessions are going to have to be made...

  8. dallasnorth40

    Great! Keep them coming!!!

  9. Waethorn

    Sooooo....It's not really 2 stable builds per year after all.

    I figured this would happen.

    • Vuppe

      In reply to Waethorn:

      Looks like it is when lined up to the MS FY calendar (I think). And averaging 2 per calendar year. Stop being such a downer, mate. All you do is complain.

  10. PeteB

    Yay all my privacy settings reset again and all the crappy store apps reinstalled without my permission. Gotta love those reckless major updates that are just a big middle finger to customers.. every time.

  11. madthinus

    Personally, I think you should stop thinking of they are working on some release and rather realize they are working on features that is assigned to a release once they feel it is getting to a point that it is needed. Some features are designed for a specific release, others are just ride-alongs. Development never stops, prototyping never stops, innovation  never stops. Some however gets shelved, some gets chopped.

  12. Narg

    I fear the "2nd '17 update" will probably slide past the end of year.  The Creators update has seemed to slide already, and Microsoft isn't quite up to the quick release mentality it's been trying to convey lately.

    • warren

      In reply to Narg:

      What's an extra month here and there, really? Releasing new updates to Windows every 6-8 months is still the fastest cadence since.... well.... Windows 2000 Service Packs, I guess? And it's certainly faster than MacOS releases, albeit with a smaller number of new features than a typical MacOS release.

  13. rameshthanikodi

    I already have a name for the update: The Modern Modern Modern Design update.

  14. ramansinh

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