OneNote for Windows 10 Updated with Section Passwords, Notebook Reordering, More

Posted on February 22, 2017 by Paul Thurrott in Cloud, Microsoft Consumer Services, Office, Office 365, Windows 10 with 16 Comments

OneNote for Windows 10 Updated with Section Passwords, Notebook Reordering, More

OneNote for Windows 10 received a fairly major update today with several new features, including section password support, notebook reordering, and more.

I found out about this update from Microsoft’s William Devereux on Twitter. But you can find out more here as well.

New features in this release—which, to be clear, applies to the mobile version of OneNote that Microsoft bundles with Windows 10 and not OneNote 2016—include the following:

Notebook reordering. Now, you can sort your notebooks as you can in OneNote 2016. Just select the notebook in the Notebooks view (open the hamburger menu) and drag it.

Add a password to a section. Now, you can add a password to a section from OneNote for Windows 10.

Create diagrams or flow charts. A new Shapes gallery, available in the Draw tab, lets you insert circles, squares, arrows and other shapes.

Save images and files to your PC. Now, you can save images and other files from OneNote to your PC: Just right-click it and choose Save As from the pop-up menu.

New page placement. Now, you can add a new page above the selected page instead of at the bottom of the page list as usual. To do so, right-click the current page tab and choose New Page from the pop-up menu.

Change the layer order. Now, tables, note containers, pictures, and shapes can be re-ordered as layers so that you can choose which are in front and which are behind. To do so, select one of these items and then choose Order from the pop-up menu, and then Bring Forward, Bring to Front, Send Backward, or Send to Back.

Paragraph handles. This one I haven’t figured out, but Microsoft says you can “grab the paragraph handles and reorder or collapse text on the page.”

New bullet styles. In addition to traditional bullets, OneNote for Windows 10 now supports dashes, arrows, diamonds, and other new bullet types.

You can tell you have the new version by checking Windows Store or, in OneNote, Help > About. The version should be 17.7870.5762.1.0 or higher.


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