Stardock Releases Start11 v1.1

Posted on January 12, 2022 by Paul Thurrott in Windows 11 with 33 Comments

Stardock today released Start11 v1.1 for Windows 10/11 with support for folders, app icon configuration, and other new features.

“Since Microsoft released Windows 11, we have continued to optimize Start11 for the new operating system,” Stardock’s Brad Sams said. “One of our priorities in v1.1 was bringing folder functionality to the Windows 11 style menu and enhancing integration with our most popular application, Fences”.

Here’s what’s new in Start11 v1.1:

Folders. You can now create and modify folders in the Windows 10- and 11-style Start menus.

Icon editing. You can now more easily edit the icon for an app icon by right-clicking it.

Fences integration. You can now add fences directly into the Start menu, creating another layer of personalization for the desktop.

Import original Start menu. For those installing Start11 for the first time on Windows 10, you can now import your previous stock Start menu, including all existing folders.

Start menu lock. A new “lock” feature makes sure your icons stay right where you want them.

Start11 is $5.99 with upgrading pricing for Start8 and Start10 customers. You can learn more here.

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Comments (33)

33 responses to “Stardock Releases Start11 v1.1”

  1. krusador

    This app should be completely unnecessary. Thanks Microsoft!

    • hrlngrv

      In fairness, at least MSFT (to date) makes it simpler for 3rd parties to augment/replace the Windows desktop UI than Apple does for its macOS desktop UI.

      It's the workplace PC which will be transforming from plain vanilla Windows 10 to plain anchovy Windows 11 with no IT policy provision for replacing a damn thing which will be soul-crushing.

      I figure MSFT will eventually add folders/groups to the bundled Start menu just as soon as it bullet-proofs file associations against any 3rd party browser modifications. User choice? How 2010s!

  2. ruivo

    I hope Start11 somehow manages to enable dragging stuff to the taskbar icons, since Microsoft doesn't seem to bother.

    In any case, this thing has been a godsend, Windows 11 is too infuriating without it!

  3. George Coll

    Congrats Brad Sam's and Stardocks team :)

  4. richardnau

    These guys (Stardock) make some cool little products. I've bought some in the past. But the way the products are 'sold' is sneaky, bordering on dishonest. Your 'purchase' is actually a one-year subscription. When the year is up, the products stops working. Try finding ANYWHERE on the web site (believe me, I've looked, because (i) I was caught out by this in the past, and (ii) I was hoping that the new products might actually be perpetual purchases) any statement that the prices quoted are for a one year subscription. I can't find it anywhere.

    I'm not opposed to a software subscription sales model. I subscribe to a number of useful products. But their creators are up front in stating that it's a subscription, not a 'sale'. Stardock should be more transparent in this regard. Much more.

    • whistlerpro

      Is this FUD or what? The product descriptions on the Stardock website seem quite comprehensive and I’m sure if they truly were subscriptions, Stardock wouldn’t benefit from hiding the fact (considering everything seems to be a subscription these days anyway).

  5. dnationsr

    were have u been sleeping...this came out several months ago

  6. jimbosf

    Unfortunately, half of Start 11 features including Taskbar right click menu does not work in this version after upgrading to latest Dev build 22533. Being reported on the Stardock forums as well.

    • Brad Sams

      Microsoft made a change to Windows 11 dev build that was not documented (surprise) that breaks some functionality of Start11 - we have an internal build that fixes it that should go out as a beta on 1/14.

      Considering dev builds are fluid, if you are wanting the best app compatibility (for any app), you should be at least on beta so that devs have time to fix things...we dont even know if what broke our app was an intentional update yet.

      • hrlngrv

        Windows ain't done while Start11 still runs.

        Or should that be while Stardock still exists?

      • jimbosf

        Fully aware of the problems with Dev channel builds. Sometimes I wish I could go back to beta channel without a reinstall. My point was just to let people know the timing of the two releases was unfortunately ill-timed.

  7. stephencwll

    I don't like what Start is doing on this occasion. It looks messy. I really like the new start menu as it is.

    • rm

      I agree. Something about how small the icons are. Maybe only show up to 4 icons and optionally have a frame of some kind around them.

  8. dpokluda

    Taskbar `Never combine` is still not part of this release. I am really hoping that Start11 will solve this problem. It is impossible to work with multiple windows (Visual Studio, etc.) in Windows 11.

    • sully74

      Not having the option to not combine the task bar is the sole reason I haven't upgraded to W11. Why would they take that functionality away?!

    • boots

      Leaving the "Never combine" option out of Window 11 is one of the main reasons why I am not interested in this version. Looking at the picture at the top of the article is a perfect example of how stupid this is, the Taskbar is three quarters empty. A huge waste of space.

    • rm

      I didn't know this. This is going to be one of my requirements before I switch to Win11. Along with folders.

    • brettscoast

      I would agree really miss never combine in Windows 11, god only knows why Microsoft removed this useful feature. It should be about improving users' choice not removing or degrading them.

  9. brettscoast

    Thanks for the heads up Paul. Great update to the excellent Start11 software from Stardock. Really useful new features to embrace here. This software really adds value to the Windows 11 experience, just saying!!!!

  10. hrlngrv

    Without sarcasm, boldly rushing in where MSFT is too indifferent to tread.

    From my perspective, the Windows 11 desktop UI is an outstanding example of why MSFT should be proscribed from ever having access to anything except security telemetry data. Windows 8 -> 10 -> 11 doesn't show a refinement of MSFT's vision for the desktop UI, rather the codification of throwing anything & everything at the wall to see what sticks. Granted, that's a type of application of the scientific method.

  11. cnc123

    Still not on Windows 11, and no plans to migrate soon, but this is great work by the Stardock folks. My job is talking about moving to Windows 11, so I just bought a multi-device copy of the software to support this kind of development work, and knowing that I'm eventually going to need it.

  12. winner

    Is Stardock's Brad Sams the same as Thurrott's Brad Sams?

    I never noticed that!

  13. Scsekaran

    Thank god they are allowing 3rd party software customizations of start menu.

    Does it support ARM64 processors?

  14. kawaidon

    I'm so glad I tried this after seeing it here, Paul. The only thing in Windows 11 that has been really irritating me is the start menu, and this pretty well completely eliminates the annoyance.

    I am guessing your mention of 'fences' is not for the Windows 11 style menu - I can't find anything that mentions this.

    I just wish now I could find a spot to give this app a rating! It's great.