Amazon Partners With Apple to Directly Sell iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch

Posted on November 9, 2018 by Mehedi Hassan in Amazon, Apple with 23 Comments

Amazon is signing a deal with Apple to expand its collection of Cupertino’s hardware. The company currently sells devices like the iPhone from third-party sellers, in varying prices and conditions. The new deal hopes to improve the quality of the products sold on Amazon at standard pricing.

As part of the new partnership, Amazon will sell Apple’s new iPhone devices like the new iPhone Xs and iPhone Xr, as well as the new iPad Pro and Apple Watch Series 4. The company is additionally going to sell products from Apple-owned Beats. The new products will be available on Amazon in the US, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Japan and India over the coming weeks.

Apple’s HomePod smart speaker, which directly competes with Amazon’s Echo products, won’t be sold on Amazon for bvious reasons. The company also doesn’t sell Google’s Home devices.

The new partnership means Amazon’s independent sellers will no longer be able to sell iPhones and other Apple products directly on Amazon. Instead, they will have to get verified as Apple-approved resellers to be able to sell Apple products on Amazon, reports CNET. This will ensure customers get a certain level of quality and don’t have to worry about the quality or legitimacy of the products purchased.

The deal is a big win for Amazon, further expanding the company’s product range just in time for the holidays. With Amazon offering free delivery on all orders for the holidays in the United States, the timing here is perfect.

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Comments (23)

23 responses to “Amazon Partners With Apple to Directly Sell iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch”

  1. darrellprichard

    So what's the value-add over buying directly from Apple? They have free shipping as well.

    Not trolling - just curious.

    • skborders

      In reply to DarrellPrichard:

      I don't think there will be much of an advantage over buying online from apple, unless you want to use cash back from your other purchases to buy an Apple product. Just another source. Maybe they will be carrying the refurbish products from apple too.

    • red.radar

      In reply to DarrellPrichard:

      Lot of rewards programs give currency in the form of amazon credit. So its nice to able to buy Apple products without dealing with third parties.

    • DaddyBrownJr

      In reply to DarrellPrichard:

      It's always a good idea to look at 3rd party sellers of Apple products. They will sometimes have sales where Apple doesn't. Last week I bought an iPad (6th gen) for $299 at Target -- a $30 savings off of the Apple Store price. Best Buy also routinely has price discounts. I would guess that Amazon is going to do the same.

    • MacLiam

      Amazon Prime members also get free shipping -- and, in my experience, faster delivery than Apple has provided. If you pay with an Amazon Visa card, you can get a bigger rebate than on other cashback cards.
      I assume Amazon will observe company pricing on the Apple devices it moves.

  2. waethorn

    Great to see Apple squeezing out even more small resellers.

    *sarcastic two thumbs up*

    • Jeffsters

      In reply to Waethorn:

      They aren't resellers they're unauthorized resellers! This is the same policy pretty much every other electronics manufacturer has.

      From the Microsoft Surface Warranty: "Without prejudice to any legal (statutory) rights to which you may be entitled under your local law, this Warranty lasts for one year from the date of original purchase from Microsoft or an authorized retailer."

      To the extent permitted by your local law, Microsoft is not responsible, and this Warranty does not apply (and Microsoft may not offer service even for a fee) to:

      1. (a) a Microsoft Product not purchased from Microsoft or an authorized retailer

  3. Jeffsters

    This is great news for Apple customers especially when it comes to hard to find models. No more concerns of getting a used or broken device or paying higher prices due to supply constraints etc. Win win! Glad to see Apple and Amazon, at least partially, bury the hatchet! Should mean even more Christmas cheer!

    • SupaPete

      In reply to Jeffsters: No, this is a horrible move for customers.
      It would be all right if they wouldn't force out other sellers, but as they are doing that, it is a price fixing attempt and therefore actually illegal in many countries.

      • Jeffsters

        In reply to SupaPete:

        They are NOT doing that. They are forcing out unauthorized marketplace sellers. Authorized Apple resellers have never been able to sell through a 3rd party any more than Microsoft's can. The result is a buyer with a device not covered by any warranty just as would be the case with Microsoft. See my response below with Microsoft's similar warranty language.

        • SupaPete

          In reply to Jeffsters: as much as Apple would want that, they have no right to only allow "authorized" (approved by them) resellers to sell their devices.
          An attempt to limit that is simply illegal in many countries.
          And it is nonsense that you would not have warranty when buying a new device from a different reseller either because in many countries Apple is forced by law to give warranty on a new product (in different country the duration is different, in many places between 1 and 3 years)

          • Jeffsters

            In reply to SupaPete:

            You might think it's silly but IT IS the law and has been for as long as I can remember. I posted the same language from the Surface Warranty below. My first exposure was Nikon and buying a new camera that they refused to honor the warranty on because I bought from a non-authorized reseller. In fact Nikon won't honor the warranty if you buy from an an authorized reseller in a different country than the one you are seeking warranty coverage in. You might not like it but it's legal and more often than not the rule.

            Google "Gray market Nikon" and you will see an entire page on Nikon dot com devoted to telling you that you are screwed for buying that brand new camera from a non-authorized retailer or reseller. No warranty coverage and no repairs even if you want to pay for them just like Microsoft.

            • SupaPete

              In reply to Jeffsters: It may be the law where you live, but it is for sure not the law in the majority of places they want to enact this on.
              Maybe google about Apple having had to revise their Apple Care warranty deal in Europe a while back because they are forced to a longer minimum warranty period (encompassing many warranty and servicing features Apple wanted to only provide with Apple Care ) there anyway, no matter if one has Apple Care or not.
              • Jeffsters

                In reply to SupaPete:

                You are not listening, or not reading, and conflating two different things as one. I suggest you offer the same advice to the companies I’ve listed with the same policy. Carry on!

  4. SupaPete

    This is a price fixing attempt and as such illegal in many countries and something they will hopefully soon get sued for.

    It is showing an insane hubris and misunderstanding of the market and customer base to me that Apple would pull such a price fixing attempt move right when there is the biggest public feedback ever on the latest Apple products being way over rpiced even in Apple tax terms and they are taking things way too far meanwhile and several of the products (the entire mac line, the iPad pro line, too) offering way too little for way too much money (and often also way too late).

    To at that point attempt such a far reaching price fixing open free market hostile move attempt?


  5. locust infested orchard inc

    Clearly in light of future expectations of lower sales figure for the iPharces and iNotches, by virtue of no longer reporting on individual iDevice sales figures in quartetly financials from Q1 2019, in a bid to maximise sales exposure of their iDevices, Orchard Inc feel it necessary to get more than just a little helping hand from the World's second largest retailer (Walmart is #1, Alibaba's Tmall #3, and #4).

    The heyday of soaring AAPL shares would seem to be firmly in the past, as they face the real prospect of a slowly dwindling userbase. If there's a silver lining for the Cupertino entity, their services division grew by 27% over the previous year. From here onwards, it will be a matter of continuing to milk $$ from their entranced idolising flock, if they are to remain the number one business by market capitalisation.

  6. FalseAgent

    don't most of you people in the states buy your phones from the carriers?

  7. glenn8878

    Yep, everytime I purchase Apple accessories, I don’t know if they’ll work. They’re cheap though.

  8. simont

    I wonder if we will be able to buy an AppleCare plan at the same time for the device.

  9. colin79666

    Not entirely new. I bought an iPod nano from back in 2006 and they also used to sell MacBooks. It all appeared to stop when Amazon moved into ebooks.