Apple Says Some iPad Pros Are Bent Out of the Box, Claims It’s Not a Defect

Posted on December 20, 2018 by Mehedi Hassan in Apple, iOS with 39 Comments

Bendgate is back.

Apple has confirmed on Wednesday that some of the company’s new iPad Pro devices are shipping slightly bent out of the box. Apple customers first started noticing the issue with their iPad Pro devices, reporting the issues online. The company confirmed the allegations to The Verge, claiming that the issue is not, in fact, a defect.

The slight bent on the brand new iPad Pro devices is apparently caused during the cooling process of the device, according to Apple. Both the 11-inch and 12.9-inch devices are affected by the issue, and it’s more likely to affect the iPad Pro with LTE because of the external antenna lines.

It seems like the issue is affecting both brand new iPad Pros and regular devices. Some users are noticing the bend happening gradually as they use the device more in normal conditions, and some are receiving the bent iPad Pros directly out of the box.

Apple continues to claim the issue is not a defect, despite the fact that it requested The Verge’s Chris Welch to send his bent iPad Pro unit for its engineering team to review. So yes, it is a defect. Apple is just trying to avoid another bendgate.

Apple’s 2018 iPad Pro was a major step forward for the company’s iPad Pro line. But this incident could really affect the company’s reputation, considering the fact that Apple continues to boast its premium hardware quality. The bent is more than just a defect, it’s an obvious design and manufacturing problem that Apple will likely start accepting eventually, possibly even providing free replacements to affected customers.

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Comments (39)

39 responses to “Apple Says Some iPad Pros Are Bent Out of the Box, Claims It’s Not a Defect”

  1. Pedro Vieira

    It's a feature.

  2. warren

    These iPads are just jealous of Microsoft's upcoming foldable tablet.

  3. Bob Shutts

    This is ridiculous. Apple fans should withhold their $$ and return their defective units until this is addressed. Apple is a premium brand and their products should look and act premium.

  4. provision l-3

    The quote from Apple is kind of ridiculous on Apple's part. And by "kind of" I mean completely f-ing ridiculous.

    "Apple will likely start accepting eventually, possibly even providing free replacements to affected customers."

    This comment by Mehedi is kind of confounding. Did he actually read the Verge article? It clearly states that Apple is replacing iPads for the issue. Also, nice photo credit.

  5. Winner

    I guess gluing things together has its pitfalls.

  6. skane2600

    If Apple ever produces a car, imagine all the defects that Apple fans would tolerate. "That bent axle is just caused by the cooling process".

  7. orbsitron

    A foreign exchange student who lives with us bought a Macbook Air (not the new one as of holiday 2018, as this was a year ago) and it makes a sound and you can feel components shifting in the chasis when you move the device.

    He returned the device for a replacement and surprisingly, it exhibits the same behavior. Our student apparently tested the floor models and claimed he didn't hear/feel anything in an identical model. I too tried one out at a different Apple Store and couldn't reproduce the issue so it's not a consistent defect in every model.

    Despite the clear evidence that his second unit exhibited the problem which is not present in every MacBook air, the "geniuses" at the Apple Store wouldn't swap a second time.

    Instead, they contacted Apple's product team and the engineers claim, much like this iPad Pro bend issue, that it is "not a defect", despite the fact that apparently some MacBook Airs exhibit this weird, disconcerting, unexpected behavior and others do not.

    Apple is so fearful of admitting any kind of fault, it's frankly disgusting. They charge an arm and a leg for their beautiful-but-flawed hardware and instead of owning up to mistakes and attempting to correct them, they deny, deny, deny even when there is clear evidence that they are either dishonest or ignorant. I don't know which is worse.

    • Cain69

      In reply to orbsitron:

      And I bet he KEPT the MB Air!

      I am not sure where Apple was dishonest or ignorant... The knew about the "behavior" and they said it is "not a defect".

      When something works - giving customers crappy devices and they line up for more - you keep on doing it. Apple is doing its job - its the consumers that are not holding up their end of the bargain.

  8. Patrick3D

    Funny how they didn't mention it during the product announcement so that customers could look forward to experiencing this "feature". It's like they want to be sued these days.

  9. nbplopes

    I don't care why it is bent. It is not supposed to be.

    I feel Apple is loosing focus of what it is important in the role they play , and may be affected by "I'm invincible", "Bigger than life", "Your rules. don't apply at our scale. “ We are rule breakers" disease. We have seen many crumble with that one, and some fall.

  10. RobertJasiek

    Production or design mistakes can happen; take back the product and the problem is solved. However, selling destroyed products as new for the sake of greed is fraud and Apple managers must go to prison for that.

    When I buy new hardware in a store, I check it visually the most carefully from all sides before paying. Luckily, in Germany, hardware bought online may be returned within 14 days after receival and is fully reimbursed.

  11. markbyrn

    Just another absurdity to prove that Tim Cook is far more concerned with promoting his politics and playing legal games vice quality and innovation.

  12. tmslayton

    Man, just another reason I am so glad I just picked up a new Surface instead on an iPad Pro! They need a new Steve over there!

  13. MikeGalos

    Of course, making it worse is that while Apple is allowing exchanges within the 14 day purchase window, this is December.

    A lot of those will have been Christmas presents and won't be unwrapped and unboxed until the 25th. And even for those that have receipts a good percentage of them will have been purchased (and likely shipped from other states) earlier than last Wednesday and will thus be outside the 14-day window on the first day an Apple store is open for an exchange.

  14. NT6.1

    The Apple premium experience. What a joke. LMAO!!!

  15. SvenJ

    If you lay it on a table, and it doesn't lay flat, it's wrong. Simple as that.


    Another non-story ... story. If you get a bent iPad ... take it back for a replacement. In 2003, I purchased a 12-inch PowerBook G4 that had two dark pixels near the center of the display. I took it back to the store .. immediately .. and got another one. Apple won't make you keep a device that you don't want. Most companies will do this.

  17. Michael_Miller

    Why is Apple saying it is okay if its new IPAD Pro is bent? F___k you, that’s why.

  18. nbates66

    You bought it wrong. Obviously.

  19. Jason Peter

    Agreed - this is a defect. No one wants a bent iPad.

    While I very much enjoy using Apple products, and am somewhat tolerant of some unintentional defects (all product categories eventually suffer from them at some point, even from the best designs), something like this is intolerable from a company that brags about engineering excellence and premium experience.

    If this is a result of their cooling process, then they need to either find a new cooling process - or go back to the drawing board.

    This is simply not acceptable. Excuses like this are unwarranted, and severely weaken their already-dropping reputation for selling products that “just work”.

  20. dontbe evil

    bhuahauhauah the famous apple quality and reliability, and don't forget the honesty to admit their errors... maybe you're unboxing it wrong

  21. dcdevito

    This is the double standard Apple affords to get by with. Had this been a Surface device the tech press would be losing their minds and MSFT's reputation and stock price would plummet. I bet there are Apple apologists defending this. It's absurd, this is clearly a defect.

  22. bennett_cg

    They're really trying to maximize the mileage on that reality distortion field, huh?

  23. waethorn

    "It's a manufacturing problem, but not a defect"

    Translation: "we aren't going to fix our f*#& up, suckers!"

    • dontbe evil

      In reply to Waethorn:

      till the next class action, as usual

      • waethorn

        In reply to dontbe_evil:

        Class-action lawsuits only include customers in the country that they're filed - usually the US. Anyone residing outside of that country has to file their own class-action lawsuit, and surprise, surprise: many countries make it difficult to file class-action lawsuits. Only in the US, where most lawyers are scumbag vampires, do you have loose courts that allow anyone to sue anyone else for often frivolous reasons, and losers aren't required to pay the winners legal fees.

  24. Daekar

    Amazing. The arrogance is just amazing.

    Apple, these premium products cost an incredible amount of money. Don't blow smoke up our butts when it's obvious you've screwed things up. Own it, explain it, fix it, make it an illustration of your customer service.

  25. jimchamplin


    Not a defect!? This is what happens when actual engineering and industrial design are thrown out in exchange for artsy “design” and the ludicrous pursuit of thinness.

    Hey, Apple! Go back to the iPad 2/3 design. Those don’t bend.

  26. StevenLayton

    I like the slight curve in the iPad. It matches the slight curve in my hand as I hold it.

    Apple should be congratulated for this innovation, not criticised for it.

  27. pointgrey

    It's obviously a new feature... allows you to work around corners!

  28. Tony Barrett

    What? The bend is due to the 'cooling process'. Are they kidding? Are their customers that stupid to believe that? I've never, ever seen any device with a 'bend' caused by a cooling process. Ever. I've seen lots of devices too. If I saw that on a brand new device, out of the box, it's faulty and should be replaced. No argument.

  29. bharris

    For a company that positions itself as a luxury brand, to claim that a bent IPad is not a defect is insane. They would be much better off in the long run to just bite the bullet & offer no hassle replacements immediately.

  30. rawkfox

    It's not a defect; you're just holding it wrong.


  31. kroembke

    I think its time to trot Tim Cook out there to say, "You're holding it wrong!"