Microsoft’s Sticky Notes App Now Accessible Through the Browser

Posted on October 31, 2018 by Mehedi Hassan in Office 365, Windows 10 with 11 Comments

Windows 10’s Sticky Notes app has been picking up a ton of improvements lately. It first started off when Microsoft launched Sticky Notes 3.0, with an improved interface and support for syncing notes across all your Windows devices. The company then took it a step further by bringing the ability to access and edit your Sticky Notes on Android and iOS via the OneNote app.

And now, Sticky Notes is coming to the web. Microsoft today launched Sticky Notes under the OneNote domain on the web, letting users access their Sticky Notes from anywhere they want. This means you can now edit and access your Sticky Notes from a Mac, a Linux machine, or even a Chromebook device.

Sticky Notes on the web works much like the app, letting you format your notes and choose different colors for all your notes. There isn’t a dark theme for the app yet, which only recently launched on Windows 10. Either way, the move to the cloud for Sticky Notes has definitely proven to be really helpful here, as the app has expanded to a bunch of new platforms in a matter of weeks.

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Comments (11)

11 responses to “Microsoft’s Sticky Notes App Now Accessible Through the Browser”

  1. MikeGalos

    Cool. That's how you do cross-platform.

  2. Byron Adams

    They should just make it a PWA app. Then I could install it with the new Chrome v70.

  3. Dan1986ist

    Pretty impressive, I'll be using the web version of Sticky Notes on my Android device. Maybe it'll get PWA support for those who want to use it like an app on Android, iOS, or on Chrome OS.

  4. gregsedwards

    Glad to see sticky notes available on the web. Not sure about putting them under OneNote, though. I think that potentially confuses how/where they're used. Why not under After all, they're more analogous to the classic Notes feature from Outlook.

  5. irfaanwahid

    I feel Microsoft is wasting their resources in places that is okiesh features. Not sure how many people are really invested in Sticky notes, certainly not me. Nevertheless, first & foremost they just need bring Windows 10 back to track with quality.

    1809 is the first release where I faced issues, eg Edge suddenly stops responding or you can't type.

    On my SP4, Edge completely stopped working until it had to be repaired. I have never faced these challenges before.

  6. rmlounsbury

    It seems to me that Sticky Notes might be better placed under Microsoft To-Do rather than under OneNote. Of course, this is personal preference and how I use this feature. Usually a sticky note is a quick reference point that is often an actionable thing but doesn't really merit a To-Do bullet. Sometimes it could be a quick note for something later in the day or week. So, my thinking is that it fits better with To-Do.

    That being said I do get paring a quick note function with the full blown note taking solution that is OneNote. I just hope the app-level integration makes it quick and easy to get to. If not, I'd imagine it would remain an relatively unused feature vs. something like Google Keep.

    • bluesman57

      In reply to rmlounsbury: When I read this I was about to comment that you can make any note in OneNote a Task in Outlook and therefore a Task in ToDo, but I see that feature is not in the version 16 of Windows 10 OneNote (or whatever it is called). That was a feature of the last desktop version of OneNote, which they have discontinued development on, so I switched to using the newer one.
      I use Outlook Tasks and ToDo (same thing, really) as well, but for things like appointments, bill reminders and any important task that I HAVE to do. Usually OneNote catches random ideas and whatever that may or may not get moved to a real Task. I use OneNote on my Go to take handwritten notes with the pen, because I'm a terrible typist.

  7. bluesman57

    I'm a dedicated OneNote user, and before all these improvements I used to go through all kinds of contortions to keep a small Quicknotes (the default OneNote note folder) window on the desktop open all the time. I used to take notes in that folder on my phone so it would sync on my desktop and SP4. Now I have this, which is fantastic!

  8. markbyrn

    Anybody know how to view them on the iOS OneNote app or is not available yet?

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