Sticky Notes 3.1 Introduces a New Dark Mode

Posted on October 24, 2018 by Mehedi Hassan in Windows 10 with 9 Comments

Microsoft introduced some major improvements to Sticky Notes when the company first launched Sticky Notes 3.0. The update introduced a new dark theme for notes, as well as the ability to sync your notes across devices.

The dark theme for notes was only applied to the note itself, though — meaning that the app itself still had the same, bright light theme. Microsoft is now changing that with Sticky Notes 3.1, introducing a full dark mode for the entire app. With the new dark mode, all of your notes will feature the dark mode, and the app itself will also feature the same dark mode.

Microsoft said on Twitter that Sticky Notes 3.0 also improves syncing, making it “even faster.” The update should also make syncing to your phone via OneNote a lot faster:

This is also the way changelogs should be done for every other Microsoft app on Windows 10, by the way.

Sticky Notes 3.1 is currently available for Windows Insiders in Skip Ahead, and the update will likely head to more users over time. We will let you know once that happens.

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Comments (9)

9 responses to “Sticky Notes 3.1 Introduces a New Dark Mode”

  1. Lewk

    Nice. I've found myself actually using sticky notes now that it has useful features. It's great to see it's getting even more.

  2. davidl

    The image also shows a new feature: the ability to attach a photo to a note.

    Looks like strikethrough was removed.

  3. Maktaba

    How great it would be if Sticky Notes could be accessed from the native Notes app of iOS! But I know that will never happen because people would stop using OneNote all together.

  4. dontbe evil

    but but UWP sucks, you cannot do anything with UWP and it's not good for desktop /s

  5. behindmyscreen

    I can't wait until I get upgraded to windows 10 at work (though it will probably not be on a current version). Sticky notes will have serious value then.