Microsoft Is Bringing Sticky Notes to Outlook on the Web

Posted on December 9, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Office 365 with 8 Comments

Back in August of 2018, Microsoft started focusing a lot on Sticky Notes in Windows 10. The company first started by bringing it to mobile devices, and then later made it accessible from a browser through OneNote.

Since then, Microsoft has been adding a number of features to Sticky Notes to make it more powerful than before. And it’s soon going to integrate Sticky Notes to Outlook on the web.

Microsoft today announced that Sticky Notes will soon be integrated into Outlook for the web. The feature will start rolling out next month to all Office users, and it will offer similar features to Sticky Notes on other platforms.

That means you will not only be able to view your Sticky Notes, but you will also be able to create and edit these notes. And because Sticky Notes now supports online sync, these notes will sync across all your other devices, too. It’s pretty neat.

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Comments (8)

8 responses to “Microsoft Is Bringing Sticky Notes to Outlook on the Web”

  1. michael.dice

    Just like Google Keep can be accessed from gmail

  2. ggolcher

    The blocker for my using Sticky Notes may seem trivial, but it's maddening as hell: it takes up space in the Taskbar.

    What is so hard about allowing us to have Sticky Notes in the tray? I use the taskbar for open, active windows, and it messes up my workflow.

  3. Daekar

    This is just another step in the slow integration of Microsoft services from their silos to linked and easily accessible forms. Glad to see things continue to progress.

  4. jupast

    And yet you still can't minimize it to the system tray, or ironically, stick/snap them to your desktop. These have been requested for ages, and yet in the usual 'file it in feedback' system, it's taking forever, if it happens at all.

  5. gregsedwards

    Hmmm. Not sure how to feel about this, because I find the current Sticky Notes solution too ponderous. I mean the Windows 10 app is fine, but then on the web & mobile, they've tacked it onto OneNote, which is already a free-to-use note-taking app that supports multiple notebooks connected to multiple Microsoft accounts, each with its own "Quick Notes" section. Which, presumably does kind of the same thing as a sticky note (of course, not exactly). So—follow me here—I'm going into my note-taking app to take another kind of note, not in a specific notebook, but in this kind of adjacent area that's tied to the primary account I've used to log into OneNote on my device (which, BTW, may or may not be the same account I've used to log into the app on my desktop).

    And now you're telling me that instead of just getting a straightforward web UI, Sticky Notes is going to get tacked onto yet another tool, only this time, it's Outlook. Yay, I...I guess? ?

  6. jhoersch

    Desktop Outlook has had Notes since the beginning (Outlook 97) and maybe even before that on the server side (Exchange). Looks like they've combined this on the back end with Sticky Notes, and now are surfacing this in Outlook on the web. Always good to see things getting unified.

  7. IanYates82

    It'd be nice if Microsoft created a Google assistant bot to let me build up a sticky notes list, just like Google have released for a few other ToDo services (or if not a sticky note, then how about ToDo integration itself!?)