Sticky Notes Coming to Mobile Alongside Major Windows 10 Update

Posted on August 18, 2018 by Mehedi Hassan in Microsoft, Windows 10 with 14 Comments

Many of us don’t really use Sticky Notes, a tool that’s been built into Windows for years. It’s a neat and very simple way of taking notes, or just keeping track of things. With Windows 10, Microsoft revamped Sticky Notes, introducing a ton of modern features. But going forward, Microsoft seems to have even bigger things planned for the app.

First, Microsoft is planning a big 3.0 update for Sticky Notes on Windows 10. The company will soon start testing the new Sticky Notes with Windows Insiders in Skip Ahead, which will come with a number of new features. One of the engineering managers from Microsoft’s Sticky Notes team has been tweeting about some of the new features over the past week, and it will include new features like a dark theme, a new formatting bar that makes it easier to format your notes, new animations within the interface, improved performance, and improved accessibility.  The updates aren’t anything radical or innovative for sure, but if you have been using Sticky Notes for years, you are definitely going to love the new features Microsoft is adding with 3.0.

Second, understands that Microsoft is planning to bring Sticky Notes to mobile devices. The company is hoping to launch Sticky Notes for Android and iOS sometime this year, letting users sync their notes from their Windows 10 PC to the cloud and be able to access them when they are on the go. The app aligns perfectly with Microsoft’s strategy to make Windows 10 work better with users’ mobile devices, and it’s just one of the latest cross-platform product coming out of Redmond. Of course, we aren’t quite sure when exactly the new apps will be available, though Microsoft is internally planning to release it by this year — possibly just in time for Windows 10 19H1.

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Comments (14)

14 responses to “Sticky Notes Coming to Mobile Alongside Major Windows 10 Update”

  1. Ingiomar Martina

    I hope they keep it simple.

  2. SvenJ

    How about letting me sync now across my Win 10 device, desktop, laptop, Surface via the cloud. That's a feature I could actually use. I guess support for mobile, meaning Android and iOS, makes little sense without syncing, so if that is what it takes to get a feature that should have been there long ago, goody.

    How about a feature that lets me quickly copy a note to OneNote. One click icon on the note itself. Sticky notes are inherently volatile. They are things I need to jot down quickly to be accessed near term. If there is something I want to subsequntly keep, I don't want it in sticky notes. Like their physical namesake, you can't automatically arrange them, filter them, etc, and they quickly become a nuisance, cluttering up your screen. How about some useful features instead of just prettying them up.

  3. simont

    Sticky Notes and OneNote seem to be competing with each other

    • Rick Foux

      In reply to simont:

      I wonder if this is part of Microsoft's big plan (a.k.a. "Modern Life" initiative) to try to win back consumers. Sticky Notes appears to be Microsoft's answer to Google Keep and will probably be their "Consumer" offering going forward. OneNote will (hopefully) continue to iterate and be their solution for "Prosumers" and business.

    • UbelhorJ

      In reply to simont:

      I think they're different things. OneNote is for notes of things I'm learning, keeping track of project stuff, and stuff I might want to reference again in the future.

      I don't want a shopping list or "call Bob back at (555) 123-4567" in my OneNote.

  4. NT6.1

    Useless. I still prefer the Win32 Sticky Notes.

  5. Dan1986ist

    When it comes to Sticky Notes, there is: the app that one can get through Microsoft Store and the one that comes with Ink Workspace. Are both the same app or different with a simular name?

  6. RM

    Great that they are making the improvements. It would be nice if the main idea behind them was not broken in a way. At least for me, I am sure it is not for others. To explain; putting icons on the desktop that I almost never see is broken, they belong in the taskbar, start menu, or where the tiles are. Microsoft should allow shortcuts to be placed where the tiles are and it would work much better than having to clear your screen of windows just to click on a shortcut. Same thing for Sticky notes, if they could be placed on the window or on the taskbar (anchored there somehow), or where the tiles go on the start menu, they would be or much greater use.

  7. jlv632

    Many of us don’t really use Sticky Notes... Says who?

    Just need the ability to sync across devices