Twitter Lite Now Adapts to Larger Screens

Posted on January 13, 2018 by Mehedi Hassan in Social with 10 Comments

Twitter’s mobile website,, is probably the best mainstream progressive web app available right now. Twitter Lite has been available for a while, offering better data usage, combined with a stripped down Twitter experience on mobile devices. Even though Twitter Lite was built for mobile devices, many used the app as their primary Twitter client on desktop, primarily because of how well it works.

Until today, though, the app looked like a poorly designed mobile website on desktops, unless you resized your browser window to be really small. This week, Twitter quietly started rolling out a new update to Twitter Lite, introducing a responsive experience for desktops. The “new” Twitter Lite works exactly the same as before on mobile devices, but on desktops, you will now see a new sidebar just like you do on the full-fledged

The first main difference between and Twitter Lite on the desktop is the position of the sidebar — Twitter has placed the sidebar on the right-hand side instead of the left-hand side on Twitter Lite, which is a fascinating UX decision. Functionality wise, you are getting a much faster experience on Twitter Lite, including the ability to enable Data Saver to stop images from automatically loading. Twitter Lite is the first client to support its new Bookmarks feature which lets you save tweets for later, and that’s available on desktops too.

Twitter Lite also features Twitter’s new and brilliant Explore page where you can keep track of the world trends, top Twitter Moments, top articles in your network, and a curated list of tweets from your interests. Twitter recently upgraded its search experience on mobile devices to show more content from your network and things that you are interested in, and it’s surprisingly accurate.

The revamped experience for desktops is certainly not complete, as features like New Tweet or Reply still take up the whole page on desktops. Either way. you can checkout Twitter’s improved Lite app here.

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Comments (10)

10 responses to “Twitter Lite Now Adapts to Larger Screens”

  1. rlbumpus

    anyone know of a twitter app like Tweetium that allows you to take a chronological feed of just whom you follow, read from the last place you left off and go forward in time, and keeps track of that spot when you left off on the desktop app and picks up the same synced spot on your mobile app or vice versa. Tweetium doesn't have an iOS app and it's the single biggest thing i miss since moving from Windows phone.

  2. adamcorbally

    So it's basically the web site.... Wow bring on pwa's

  3. rmac

    This is the start of a powerful trend. A tile version of the same with some very limited functionality and the incorporation of WebAssembly and we have a framework for truly progressive apps that will run in browser and on desktop.

  4. jgt2105

    The front end of the site is swamped with premium articles.

    I'd rather Mr Thurrott went back to an ad supported revenue stream.....given his feigned coquettish horror whenever an ad appears on any of the podcasts he fronts, this will be unlikely.

    Simple economics....I visit many useful websites daily....I just cannot afford to throw $80 AU at every one of them.......who can? Granted, many sources vary in quality, but this site isn't THAT great and has certainly slipped in quality in the past couple of years.

    • Brad Sams

      In reply to jgt2105:

      The honest response here is that this site likely wouldnt exist with only ads supporting the site, the economics no longer work and ad blockers are a big driver of this.

      There are reasons that you see other sites pushing "buy this new phone case or download an ebook" in their blog rolls, ads are not a sustainable option.

      • feedtheshark

        In reply to brad-sams:

        I share jgt's views - although I wouldn't say the quality has gone down, but I don't feel it's unique enough to pay for; plus I am a casual reader, I enjoy thurrot, but I don't depend on it. I'm glad other people do and you guys are being paid. But most sites seem to manage fine with advertising (although to counter that I no longer visit WindowsCentral because their site design became atrocious when they added too many ads). I am sure there's a viable ad model - Google seem to be doing alright after all! I do wish you'd reconsider and look into other forms of income for the site, because to me subscriptions are more off-putting than adverts (and it's not like you don't have them as well).

  5. emmaferris

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