Twitter Working on Its Own Do Not Disturb Feature

Twitter can get really noisy at times. And to help you focus on your actual life, Twitter is working on a new feature that will allow you to take a short break from all the noise.

Jane Manchun Wong is reporting that the company is internally building a new Snooze feature that will let you turn off notifications for a certain period. You can choose to snooze notifications for an hour, 3 hours, or 12 hours. The setting will turn off push notifications from Twitter, but you’ll still be able to see the notifications on the Notifications tab within the app.

Twitter getting its own Do Not Disturb feature means you can simply turn off notifications from Twitter for a bit without putting your entire phone on Do Not Disturb. And it may also be useful for when your tweet goes viral, or you get into a heated argument.

More importantly, though, you’d simply be able to turn off all the noise from Twitter and focus on your actual life quickly with a few taps thanks to the new feature. I personally have all Twitter notifications turned off, and it’s actually really healthy.

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  • kevinbouwman

    Premium Member
    08 August, 2019 - 3:16 pm

    <p>This whole Do Not Disturb thing is all wrong for me. I own a 24/7 service business where customers and employees need to be able to reach me at anytime of the day or night. It does not happen often but when it does, they need to be able to get my attention. Turning notifications on and off by app or by device does not work for me. I need to be able to turn notifications on or off by contact. Because this is not possible, I have to leave notifications turned on for Teams, SMS, and a few others all the time. It is not practical to turn them off and on individually every morning and evening. So, I get non-urgent Teams notifications, text messages, etc. in the middle of the night, mostly from people in Asia and Europe. Drives me nuts.</p>


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