Firefox Quantum is Being Renamed to Firefox Browser

Posted on August 12, 2019 by Paul Thurrott in Mozilla Firefox with 4 Comments

After using the Firefox Quantum brand for two years, Mozilla will rebrand its flagship product to the more obvious name Firefox Browser.

Mozilla hasn’t officially announced the change yet. Instead, you can see the new name in the About dialog for the Nightly versions of Firefox 70, which is set for general release in late October. Firefox Quantum 57 was the first version to use that name.

So why not just use Firefox as the name? As others have noted, that doesn’t make sense anymore because Mozilla maintains several Firefox-branded products, including Firefox Lockwise, Firefox Monitor, Firefox Send, and Firefox Proxy. That said, I had literally heard of none of them either, if you were wondering. Apparently, Firefox Browser 70 will use Firefox Lockwise as its new password manager and the browser’s New Tab page will advertise Firefox Monitor, which is the firm’s security breach monitoring service.

Firefox Browser 70 should enter the Beta channel in early September if you’re a little spooked by nightly builds



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Comments (4)

4 responses to “Firefox Quantum is Being Renamed to Firefox Browser”

  1. pepesilvia

    Hmm, didn't realize they were using Quantum as a user-facing brand. Thought it was just a codename

  2. jimchamplin

    But calling it Firefox is 100% correct, as that’s what people call it. Nobody ever called it “Firefox(R) Quantum(TM) Browser”. Ever. Mozilla’s weirdly corporate branding obsession is so at odds with the independent spirit of the application that it’s frighteningly incongruous.

    Just call it Firefox. The other products can keep their names: Lockwise, Proxy, Monitor, et cetera. It’s understood that they’re parts of Firefox.

  3. IanYates82

    The monitor was done with troy hunt's cooperation. (pretty sure that was the case - he partnered with someone....)

    Send lets you send big files to someone else. Apparently it's quite good and people have made good third party clients for it that even work from the command line. Allows for anonymous sending too

    Like others here, I assumed quantum was the codename for their newer engine and not really part of the public knowledge about the browser