Windows NT Server surpassing Netware in the ’90s: Is this an analogy for Stadia?


Hi all. So obviously there’s been a lot of talk lately about Google’s cloud gaming push, or Stadia as it’s called. And one of the things that gets mentioned is the doubt that goes along with it, seeing as how it’s going to be such an uphill battle vs. the established competitors. But one thing keeps popping up in my mind — now, I’m not a networking admin or expert or anything, but remember back in the day when Netware was pretty much the defacto standard, but then over time in the ’90s, Windows NT Server took over and became the dominant platform? I guess what I’m trying to say is, isn’t this a similar situation? Isn’t it just possible that with enough patience, over time the tables could be turned and Google could somehow come out as the winner here?

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