Potentially more in box app updates


Seeing as people were surprised by Notepad receiving a facelift, I wanted to point out that these app updates have been hinted at in the videos posted on Twitter.

I think they’ve been too slow to roll out so its possible that we could see the following apps updated in the future

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We have seen Calculator, Clock / Focus Sessions, Notepad, Snipping Tool, Photos, Paint, Terminal, Teams, and Store.

We know about the following apps receiving updates:

  • Edge Canary having the Mica in the menu bar like File Explorer and in the right-click context menu
  • We’ve seen a new media player app UI which could be used in both ‘Films & TV’ and the ‘New music app formerly known as Groove’
  • There’s an updated Your Phone app UI here: https://twitter.com/bojorchess/status/1444351050413080592

The following we haven’t seen much of the following:

  • Calendar: This is surprising because Mail isn’t on this grid. It is possible that the new Calendar app will get refreshed and the existing Mail app is replaced by One Outlook.
  • Camera: Possibly another UI refresh but hope there are some functionality improvements like a virtual camera that uses the Teams blurring/background that can be used for all applications.
  • News: I think this could be replaced with the new Microsoft Start -https://twitter.com/vigneshponnuvel/status/1435252030113681415
  • To Do: Either a WinUI refresh or a PWA wrapper for the Web Version
  • Voice Recorder, Maps, Weather: Possibly a Win UI Refresh


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3 responses to “Potentially more in box app updates”

  1. jimchamplin

    Speak for yourself, but I'm waiting for the new version of Dr. Watson.

    • h8zgray

      DWWIN.EXE for the win!!, wasn't the icon for that program in the likeness of B. Gates?

  2. dftf

    I'd say "good-luck" expecting updates for some of the apps (beyond just a UI refresh).

    Right-now in Windows 10, both "Microsoft News" and "Weather" have never been updated to use the system accent-colour: News is always red; Weather is always blue.

    Mail they probably won't want to make too-good, given Outlook is a thing they sell. Though what they should do is just make it so the Mail app only supports free accounts and personal M365, but not business M365 or Exchange. Then they could improve it with little worry of lower interest in Outlook.

    Films & TV and Groove Music both work fairly-well right now, but they really need to add more codec support. Many videos simply can't be played in them, and only sometimes does the Store offer a free codec to install.

    And with some other apps, like Calendar, Calculator, Sticky Notes or Voice Recorder, I'd struggle to see what more could really be added. (On the Win32 side, I'd expect Notepad and Task Manager to both gain a dark-mode sometime soon.)