Questions for 12/14


Questions for the podcast tomorrow? Drop them here!

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    Question regarding the book. Was writing a book something that you wanted to do? Or did it just morph organically into it.

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    Have you heard any more on the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller 2? My original is in tatters.

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    What would a potential Microsoft Core OS rollout (aka "no more Windows") mean for Xbox? Do you think there would be a separate fork if Windows would take a smaller role within the consumer branch?

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    Brad, This week's question is related to OneDrive

    1) Why cant OneDrive team spin out Photos from it and make it a desperate app? Current back up implementation is horrendous.

    2)Why cant Microsoft bring its native Photos app from Windows 10 to other platforms with OneDrive backup capability ala Google Photos?

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    Do you have any info on what MSFT may have done to have Surface Gos become the tablet used for the LSAT? ( Anything else like this in the wind?

    OTOH, what'd it do to MSFT if this doesn't work?

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    You wrote that Teams is the new Excel for Microsoft, yet both you and Paul seem to find it wanting, to put it charitably. You also mentioned that your wife's work moved to Teams from Skype for Business, and that it was "soul crushing".

    So, which is it? I understand that its usage is growing, but if it is so awful how can the growth continue?

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    You mentioned that your Garage door automatically close at 21:00 each evening. Does the door have a sensor to detect that there is nothing in the way before it closes?

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    Whatever happened to Andromeda ?

    Was it a mobile device, and would it still have any relevance now that Samsung have released their folding phone/ note taking device.

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    Will Chromium eventually replace EdgeHTML as the rendering engine of Windows 10's webview control in search, Cortana and UWP apps?

    Since the new Chromium Edge will support Windows 7 & 8, does this mean it will be a Win32 program?

    If so,

    Will it use technologies like XAML island to enhance the touch & inking experience for Windows 10?

    Will WCOS use this Win32 Edge as the default browser?

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    What was the better color scheme for Windows 3.1? Arizona, Black Leather Jacket, or Hot Dog Stand? :)

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    Have you messed around with Microsoft's new AI powered news app - Hummingbird? It seems basic but nice. I'm just confused why they didn't put the AI into the Microsoft News app.

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